Zeiss FE 35mm f1.4 + Sony A7III Natural Light Photoshoot BTS

All photos edited with my Mountains Lightroom Preset:

I finally got a trusty + native 35mm for my Sony A7III, so you’ll be seeing me use this camera a little more often around here 😄 Let me know what your favourite prime lenses for Sony are, I would love to try out some more!

Model: Madeline
Makeup: Lidija J
Video: Dan

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Lightroom Presets:


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Sony a7s mkii + Sigma 24mm f1.4


Canon 5dmkiii
Sigma 24mm f1.4
Canon 35mm f1.4
Canon 50mm f1.2
Canon 85mm f1.2
Canon 135mm f2

Thank you so much for watching! xx

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40 thoughts on “Zeiss FE 35mm f1.4 + Sony A7III Natural Light Photoshoot BTS

  1. Would love to see a photoshoot with 35mm 1.8, as it’s smaller and lighter and great for traveling:))

  2. So many mixed reviews putting the Sony 35mm f1.8 better for newer lens tech but the creamy bokeh from Zeiss 35mm f1.4 though. Would you ever do a comparison of the new Sony 35mm f1.8 and the Zeiss 35mm f1.4? I’d love to see what you think of the f1.8. Keep up the great content and TY!

  3. I heard a lot of YouTube videos that there aren’t good copies of this 35mm f1.4. Soft on the edges. Do u have issues with ur lense?

  4. Hey Julia!! Thank you for some nice content. Beautiful stuff. It would be awesome to see you play around with a Fuji and some nice Fuji glass in a future video! Maybe some thoughts on pros and cons with the xt3 vs other system you have tried… , and test of the f1.4 versions of Fujis 23mm, 35mm, 56mm and 90mm.. Would be a nice set of videos. Beautiful work anyway!

  5. I just baught Mauntains presets, looks to work on some nature photos, landscapes.. tried one on a portrait but I guess It doesn't work on all. Do you apply It first before you do more edits on them or after?

  6. Julia did you ever try the planar 50 1.4? I’m behind that lens , did not convince me the zeiss 55, beside it size, but for a size friendly lens I already have the 50 1.8.

  7. 佛說罵意經:


  8. Just found you Julia! Subscribed ! Nice vids. However, like you I like the 35 1.4, but strongly disagree with your taste in head shots with 35 mm. To me it’s just to distorted and hurts your good looking model. Look forward to watching more of you videos though! Keep up the good work!

  9. What does retain texture mean? I am looking to buy wither an a7iii or a7Riii 42 mp) but i’m only a beginner so what makes the editing harder in higher megapixels? Thanks you for the video!

  10. Hey Julia! Did you run into any issues with the lens in regards to decentering? I have been reading a lot of concern with the lens manufacturing process as a lot of buyers are having issues with the sharpness and the lens being decentered. Thanks!

  11. WOW! Such a killer combo! I think you just helped me out on which lens to get once I'm blessed to purchase the Sony a7iii. 😄

  12. I heard a lot of these had QC problems where one section of the image was out of focus. Did you have any issues like that with this lens? I'm super hesitant to get this one

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