YouTuber Rubzy Caught PARANORMAL ACTIVITY during live stream

While pet sitting at a friend’s apartment Rubzy started a very regular online stream in which he was playing the game Skyrim on his Playstation 4. Nothing strange happened in the game itself which most of his online viewers were watching, however, those looking closely at Rubzy and the surroundings behind him were about to be in for a scare. First, a door seen in the background starts slowly opening and closing all by itself. Then, a second door is also seen in the background suddenly slams shut on its own. Rubzy was completely alone in the apartment except for Elvis (the cat he was watching not the singer). As Rubzy gets up to start to investigate lights start to dim and cut out without warning. A little shaken Rubzy continues to search for an explanation. Only after another door slams shut on its own does Rubzy return to his computer convinced he is alone, but with no explanation for the events. As he is reading his viewers comments and trying to make sense of the situation a box on the table behind him slowly starts to move and eventually falls to the floor. At this point Rubzy had pretty much lost it and had given in to the notion that something supernatural was happening.

Many thanks to Rubzy for the use of his video… for the unedited video :
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26 thoughts on “YouTuber Rubzy Caught PARANORMAL ACTIVITY during live stream

  1. Rubzy has took some more footage so if you want to see the latest video just follow this link

  2. Fake. No one has this happened in then sticks around to find out what it is. You'd be screaming. I've had weird shit happen, though not as in your face as this, and still was very concerned.

  3. These ghosts better be ready to meet Jesus Christ cause they ain’t paying bills in my house and can’t be breaking things like that

  4. See this would be a perfect horror comedy movie, I just love how he’s all like fuck it and accepts it and pretty much ignores it.

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