We have to get off this planet.

Pack the car, kids: we’re going to space! By my calculations, it should only cost about ten bucks. Here’s an unboxing reaction to Reworld, a discount sci fi board game from some well-known designers and a reputable publisher. Weird!

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4 thoughts on “We have to get off this planet.

  1. I also bought this from BGB in the bundle with Huns. Huns will be a cheap Christmas gift, and I will play around with Reworld. I'll see if it's as bad at 2 as Rahdo says it is.

    Can you believe this is the same artist as Stone Age and Pillars of the Earth? Maybe space isn't Michael Menzel's thing. The art isn't bad, but it is dark and bland.

  2. The Borg Cube. It's a cube in space! No wings! Could work as an apartment too. That is one of the few times a ship design gets it..that you dont need to look like a fighter jet or space battleship. But sometimes the ships have "wings" so that weapons can be mounted away from the hull, like Kzinti ships for example. And of course the Federation Disc sections as well, dont fit the classic flying space airplane look.

  3. BoardGameBliss is selling this for $5, so I also bought it due to the steep discount! Should be here next week, so I'm curious to try it out.

  4. Is this now!!? When is it gonna be then? At least you're not surrounded by A@#$oles! 🤣🤣I can joke around with you about Spaceballs references all day. Hahahahahaaaaa 🤣🤣 Have a good one buddy! 🙂👍

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