Wargame Red Dragon – Land Grab

An Airborne Deck is good at grabbing land. But can it hold onto it?

Deck used by Martijn: @HpsCya1NsZk1hCPTbHrPmj1nzN7D5m7Z9rEM1hnnTaxXptbs3zEUBfQXYh+5Ucntt+cXAn4J97Yi2Ip+SYknpp1REWRFp76e+n7J87fw0vJLgA==

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19 thoughts on “Wargame Red Dragon – Land Grab

  1. Double stacks of heavies/super heavies became a thing when SB discovered the Split/ATGM bug , i m not sure that applies to 10v10 but 10v10 types often copy the competative meta without really know why

  2. I'd give Red solid effort for trying, and blue great coordination. Specifically, I didn't see an aggressive Red in Golf. I don't think I'd push that much pts into ATGMS in Golf (10 ATGMS??). Maybe get some GRUs, VDV, AA pieces against planes/helis and good smoke screen to push into the town on blue's side of Golf.

  3. It is very common in 10 v 10 that one team is full of quiters, usually red team. I have built several decks where my mind set is that half of team quits and i have to hold the line and let enemy exhaust against it.
    Stealth, could you make deck build video where you make red team deck for 10v10 expecting 6 players to quit in your team. I am just curious how you would build one 🙂

  4. yeah I would have assaulted the forest on the flank and kept going until both towns were surrounded and cut off. to hold that line (redfor) was in my opinion not a good idea there is only a handful of places to put their forces so if the artillery wanted to focus on 1 defensive location it would have been very easy to pick and quickly turn into a turkey shoot. taking the road or river was also not an options I believe the forces on the other side of said river could easily fire on them. the options are not fantastic either assault the forest with a large force and hope like hell you pull it off or fall back to an actual defend-able location.

  5. There is a bug which can mess with ATGM targeting, if you split or regroup units at the right time. As ATGM Jets are the hard counter to superheavies, abusing this bug is quite powerful. But from the looks of this game, I doubt any of the players would pull that off or even know about it.

  6. The Czech voice acting is mostly funny because the soldiers are always saying miliraty jokes or cliche lines that are funny today.

  7. 15:25 Calling a vz.52 an antiquated rifle is a bit of a compliment. I think a more accurate term would be "pile of communist crap." 😉 Just look at this video from inrangetv about it and its many failings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEldasM_GMg

  8. Stacking tanks isn’t meta players with shit micro stack heavy tanks. Killing stacked tanks is so easy compared to single tanks

  9. Swedish, Norwegian and Danish voice acting is fairly decent, though not always correct phrasing. Also, the Swedish voice acting is very 60'ies-80'ies cold war military movies style…

    As for the town, once I knew it was crawling with blue inf….
    I would have feinted an attack to make them concentrate further, and then burratinoed the place to oblivion and bypass the entire zone to threaten it's supply lines.

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