Wargame Red Dragon – Land Grab [3v3 Replay 0 income]

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Conquest is about capturing. Or is it? What happens when you don’t have the points to buy more CVs?

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21 thoughts on “Wargame Red Dragon – Land Grab [3v3 Replay 0 income]

  1. Are any maps blocked off in the tournament? It'd be interesting, that the closer it gets to the finals, the tougher the map will get. There are a ton of maps that people rarely plays now days, so it'd be cool if they could be used.

  2. Thanks for showing the game play…was interesting to see the difference in play styles between the teams. It seems the blue side was lacking in recon as I find either very good recon or mass artillery essential to push effectively.

    Glad the one nation per player per team is in effect as I'm sure otherwise you run into Triple Israeli divisions or specialized kill divisions using the strength of one nation but with 3x the insanity.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to watching some great game play in your tourney next month

  3. So how do people get in your tournament just wondering I am really bad but I might join for fun 😂

  4. It's hilarious how casually you are saying "scheisskopf". For your reference, it literally means "shit head".

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