Tutorial koikatu/koikatsu export characters to blender

Usare questa mod potrebbe recare problemi al gioco, vi consiglio di usare questa mod unicamente per exportare modelli. Bisogna conoscene per bene il vostro programm 3d per aggiustare le parti bianche e di usaper usare the mesh. Nel link che vi sto per dare c’e’ anche una guida come installare il plugin per blender.
Using this mod could cause problems the game, I advise you to use this mod only to export the models. You need to know your 3d program well to adjust the white parts and use it to use the mesh. In the link that I am about to give you there is also a guide how to install the blender plugin.
MMD import/export:
——-Tutorial mmd export/import——–


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23 thoughts on “Tutorial koikatu/koikatsu export characters to blender

  1. For Vr-chat user follow this tutorial made by D FLOE.
    Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTcUS19LD4Y

  2. hello, there is a new version of pmx export please because when i use the actually pmx export the models is like glitched when i rig it and open it in milkshape 3d and when i open the game a message says that the pmx export target a wrong version of bepin ex

  3. It is a good tutorial but I have to downvote because of misleading info at the beginning of the video:

    You have to put the PmxExport.dll inside the "plugins" folder within BepInEx.

    I wasted about 2 hours trying to figure out problems/redownloading vanilla version and stuff…

  4. In bepinex 5.0, it doesn't work, right?
    If I downgrade it to 4.0, it works.
    I wanna extract my charactor in bepinex 5.0.
    Is there any way to do that?

  5. how did you get these models to be in t pose mode; im having an issue where the character model has her arms behind her back. is this an issue at all or is it something that just happens

  6. Wait, this is honey select correct?

    I mean like, is this apart of honey select.

    Can this also be used on any honey select mods with the walk through you show here?

  7. I tried to Export some of my Furry Koikatsu characters (Yes you can do that) but the Exporter always ends up messing the face up back into a human face, anyone know how to fix this?

  8. I tried to do this but then when I move her from blender to Unity the whole file just break down and I just can't save it for Vrchat

    I really need help I want to use my koikatsu character to play in vrchat

  9. I exported successfully but I can open the file (model.pmx) I'm blender. I downloaded the MMD add-on but don't know how to get blender to recognize it. Please help

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