The Residents: Bad Day on the Midway (Part 1) – Timmy

Unlike the last game I uploaded on this channel, Bad Day on the Midway’s pretty fun, if a little quirky. I thought I’d upload footage of it since the game’s both obscure (made even more so now due to requiring emulation or an older PC to play) along with being a game I’m pretty fond of, and I’m not sure if anyone’s shown all the different paths and endings off.

Timmy’s playthrough is pretty straightforward, since he has no objectives to complete, and his ending’s actually the one that automatically plays when you fail to get any other endings. He can also explore safely and gets along well with the other characters, so this makes him perfect for exploring the park and triggering the different character backstories. As such, playing as him is pretty enjoyable, even if he has no real objective.

The text that slowly displays at the bottom of the screen are the thoughts of the currently controlled character. Some thoughts can be a direct reaction to seeing an event or entering a location, while others are purely random. Either way, they can often be fairly amusing (and I make it a point to trigger a lot of them), so I suggest keeping an eye on them as you watch this video.

If you’re wondering what happened at 40:21, I switched my perspective to the rat by clicking on him. If your cursor turns into an “open eye” icon when you hover over a character, that means you can switch your perspective to that character if you then click on them. In most cases, you’ll immediately assume control of that character and remain playing as them unless you switch perspectives again, though the rat’s a special case, since you simply get a cutscene through the rat’s eyes and his backstory before getting auto-switched back to Timmy.


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22 thoughts on “The Residents: Bad Day on the Midway (Part 1) – Timmy

  1. Considering that Ike hates communists, it's weird & interesting that Oscar looks like a red star (communist image) and succeeds in infecting everyone.

  2. "And that's where I met Ike, my true love. He was the owner…andwellknownazisympathizer"

    I'm sorry, repeat that last part?

  3. This is really cool and I look forward to watching the rest of the playthrough.

    I heard "Randy" of The Residents say during a Wonder of Weird performance that he wrote a novelization of Bad Day On The Midway since you can't play it on modern PCs, but that may have been a lie. "Chuck" also released a remix album of it, too, "Bad Day On The Midway Reconsidered" or something to that effect.

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