The NEW Sony 35mm 1.8 vs Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4| Is the F1.4 lens worth double the price?

In this video, I compare the NEWLY released Sony 35mm 1.8 up against the Sony 35mm 1.4 Zeiss that I grown to love over the past year!

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47 thoughts on “The NEW Sony 35mm 1.8 vs Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4| Is the F1.4 lens worth double the price?

  1. I totally agree on bumping aperture ring. I own a $5800 Leica 35mm 1.4 summilux and I cant believe how such an extremely expensive lens is so flawed because the aperture ring is so easy to get moved. Everytime I touch the lens it moves. Other owners have complained the same. I tried to justify it for the past years of using it but frankly it sux.

  2. Thanks Mannyfor make my decision easier. I've just bought 35 1.8.
    Also I have 85 mm 1.8 sony and it is great lens.

  3. The 1.8 is superior in almost every category because it's much newer. Sony has really stepped up their lens game in the last several years. Now, if they ever get around to releasing a 35mm GM then look out. xD

  4. Light weight lenses would eventually produce more good pictures since you'd definitely want to take them out for a shoot.

  5. Hello, I want to ask you something. if you could have chance to buy only one lens, Which one you choose ? 35mm f1.4 Zeiss or 55mm f1.8 ? And one more question, if you have a Zeiss 35mm 1.4za already, what would be your second lens ? 55mm 1.8 or Sony FE 85mm 1.8 ? I am really excited about what you think. Thank you

  6. if hope you did the test before dropping the lense as it will make the test unreal if not.
    the bokeh of the 1.4 is outstanding better, and i am sure that even you will get down 1 aperture to 1.8 you will have better bokeh than the 1.8 lens.

    and sry, the aperture ring is annoying you? i used to work with canon and nikon equipment as professional sports photographer, and the first i did on most of the lenses was to fixtape all buttons with gaffer, because there was no time i was not changing the button settings while carrying the camera on the belt over the shoulder. so just use 1/2 inch of tape and you are done and do not have to sell the lens…

  7. Manny can you compare the 28mm f2 to the 35mm 1.8. I feel sold on the 35mm until I think of how much $$ I can save going with a used 28mm f2. In my mind the 28 f2 would basically do what the 35 f1.8 would do …

  8. Manny, do you notice when the lens (fe 1.8) is not attached in the camera, something sliding inside the lens when you flip it up and down

  9. Manny I have a shoot coming up for a birthday party of 75. Do you think the 35 1.8 would be good for group shots. No more than 5 people at a time

  10. Dont like the Bokeh of the 1.8 and canons 35mm 1.8 Macro is just 400dollar… i heard vigniette is not good on the sony lens…

  11. Hi Manny,

    Great review as always !
    BTW – I just got my copy today and noticed some minor specs on the glass ( which are not dust – couldn't remove them with lens pen )

    Attached in the picture

    Do you think I should ask for a replacement or is it common to have minor blemishes as such ?

    I took some shots with it and couldn't notice anything in the photos.

    Thanks for your advise !

  12. Great video and comparison! Lately Sony puts out much better and cheaper glass i.e Sony FE 85 1.8!❤! Also Why use LBS and Grams at the same time? 😅

  13. I got this 1.8 indeed, for my taste it could be a bit bigger..maybe as the fe 85…but I like it a lot what it deliver, regarding the 50 mm, I went for the planar, I hated the horrible CA of the zeiss, yes it is big but…Mamita!, que lente!

  14. I don't know if it is the music or what, but Manny knows how to send my ass to the store to pick one of these up…

  15. Ortiz, ur Review is quite favorable on 1.4, especially on Video Focus, on 1.8 it's to close on 1.4 a bit far (I am talking about the model/subject, check ur framing), check it again, right I am using the 2019 FE 35mm f/1.8 not because of the price but its EFFICIENCY . . . i love this FE 35mm f/1.8 for both video n still, specially on my Ronin S n Ronin Sc

  16. Very helpful video thanks! Seems like the f/1.4 lenses don't focus quite as well, in part because they have so much more glass to move, and perhaps due to being older technology. But f/1.4 MELTS the background, which f/1.8 – at best – strongly hints at. In practice though the depth of field of f/1.4 is often not practical anyway. Tough call.

  17. Funny, I personally really appreciate the Distagon has an aperture ring, even though I'm also tempted to sell it for the 1.8, simply for the small size, and the discreet, inconspicious street shooting this enables. But I hate having to dial for ages to change the aperture on the camera, as I often shoot the same shot twice with vastly different apertures (like 1.4 and 8), toggling there and back with a dial is just annoying.

  18. weird how some Sony lenses are "dust and moisture" sealed, or so they claim, yet they don't have the rubber gasket

  19. Exellent video- would prefer the weights to be in the same language. (Lbs, grams etc…) otherwise loved it man.

  20. I just bought Sony 35 1.8 . Have you noticed increased noise? Ive feeling like even ISO 1250 is too much for the lens on my A7RIII. Is that possible?

  21. You are not JUST losing a stop of light, you are losing subject isolation and much nicer bokeh with a better lens like the Sigma 35mm 1.2. So we all make our compromises but do not minimize it to validate your choices

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