TERMINATOR RESISTANCE Ending & Final Boss Fight (2019) HD

TERMINATOR RESISTANCE Ending & Final Boss Fight (2019) HD

Terminator Resistance story is set in a post apocalyptic 2028 Los Angeles and serves as a prequel to the James Cameron’s Terminator franchise films The Terminator (1984) movie and Terminator 2 Judgment Day (1991) movie. Players will take on the role of a new character, Jacob Rivers, a soldier in the John Connor led human resistance against Skynet’s robotic killing machines. The game will have multiple possible endings. A sixth film in the Terminator franchise, Terminator Dark Fate, was released shortly prior to the game’s release, and the game does not appear to have any relation or connection to the sixth film’s timeline or characters. Arnold Schwarzenegger does not voice anyone in the game. Terminator Resistance, is set during the ‘Future War’ scenario that was only glimpsed at in the iconic films. The machines are destined to lose, but at what cost?

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42 thoughts on “TERMINATOR RESISTANCE Ending & Final Boss Fight (2019) HD

  1. Got the weirdest bug on PS4.
    When i got to Connors base the game failed to autosave (it never did until then) and just before the big assault (game again failed to autosave) it reset all my progress (experience, sidequests; everything) so i had to do the big final assault at level 1 with no uprades and i couldn't use uprade chips either (like i said: reset everything). Managed to beat it but since all my sidequest progress got erased i got the worst ending even though i did everything. Fuck that bummed me out.
    Really hope this was a one time only bug because jesus christ did that piss me off as i absolutely love this game otherwise.

  2. Back in the old days the Terminator movies were amazing while it's video games were bad, today the Terminator movies are bad while it's video games are amazing.

  3. Keeping the "Stranger" masked and Rivers not knowing who he really was is kinda clever because of having to choose who gets sent in the ending. Choosing himself would cause another predestination paradox/causality loop tho, like how Kyle ended up being Johns papa

  4. It's really neat that they worked to give us something reminiscent of the story the original two were shooting for. None of that Terminator 3, Genysis, Dark Fate crap.
    It's not mind blowing. But it's apparent they respect the classic two enough to look passed the garbage sequels.

  5. The budget is minuscule, the voice acting and graphics are okay, and the gameplay is rather simple, and yet in a time where AAA developers are pumping out so many products, this is one of the best games I've played in a LONG time while enjoying myself to the limit.
    Just goes to show you how big production money, crazy graphics and Hollywood casting for motion capture doesn't mean shit in comparison to good and loyal storytelling.
    I love the Terminator series to bits, and after T2 everything slowly went to shit, eventually topping off with the hilarious joke that Dark Fate was.
    This game brought me back to those good times. Found myself smiling so many times during this game.
    The Easter eggs sprinkled around the game, like Big Jeff's restaurant with Big Buns in front, with a note inside with Sarah's messed up order and Nancy the smoking waitress from the movie, are ingenious. So much attention to small detail, along with its incredible soundtrack, made this game as good as it is.
    Ignoring the irrelevant small things, the only thing bad about it is that it had to end.

  6. For some reason i expected John Connor to look like Christian Bale . 😀 And yes, somewhat expected to also fight the infiltrator units with the skin of young Arnie himself, but hey, it was cool anyway. 🙂
    At first, i went back in time. But after i picked to stay because I figured I would always die like The Stranger did.

  7. Best ending indeed. No offense to puritans but I wouldn't want to go in the past either after seeing myself die.

    This is only the second timeline, since the first Rivers came from the first where his friends probably died in the shelter. So in all the ways, it looks like he came back to the past to save them and insure the defeat of Skynet which we did. So we did exactly what Old Rivers would have wanted.

  8. This game did what Hollywood couldn't: give proper closure to Terminator.

    The chills when the theme kicks while you march on Skynet

  9. Ugh! Seriously? The moment they sent 3 back would be indicative of whether the terminators succeeded or not! And the memory of John defeating the T1000 shows that they didn't succeed in Skynet's mission! Who wrote this? A 5 year old?

  10. But John knew Kyle Reese was his father soooo why would he ask rivers to go back in time when John knows it has to be Reese isn’t that why he gave him the photo of Sarah

  11. It really disappoints me that there wasn't a movie that focused on the dark and desperate future war of the Resistance.

  12. Nice game… i m not a movie fan… but this game was fun to play. I don t think there will be a sequel. But if not, this is more then enough for a whyle

  13. final boss fighting with terminator looks so epic fail, fast and boring. looks like terminators in future are made from paper with Pentium II in the head.

  14. For some reason, as soon that the mission starts, im having issues with the auto-save feature on ps4…it simply won’t save!?! Error 30028-3. And yes, i’ve got plenty of space in my hard drive:)

  15. The quality reminds me of the first Metro game. It wasn't perfect but people loved it. Hopefully the same thing happens with this series. Look at Metro now. I had fun playing through the game. Levels are open world style but its nice not wandering around a massive bland map for once but still having some freedom to explore.

  16. So where is the final boss?…
    This game starts slowly and empty. It ends slowly and empty.
    It starts with a bunch of poorly made cutscenes. It ends with some picture slideshows cuz they absolutely had to have even poorer cutscenes.
    Ya always hav ta hav dem unskippable cutscenes! Screw gameplay and the empty world and the unworthy AI that barely does anything. Shove em cutscenes! Do we have budget for cutscenes or anything anyway? Not really. Doesn't matter! Shove em slideshows!

  17. When I did this I just when crazy with the gattling gun (I can’t remember the name of the violet plasma mini gun thing…) and just slaughtered anything that was made by Skynet, being T-800 T-820 and pretty much all the types. And it was glorious!!!

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