Sony Xperia 1 II review

The Sony Xperia 1 II is aimed at creative types, especially people who are into photography and videography. Its most compelling feature is that it can be controlled and operated like a camera. The phone’s Cinema Pro app offers manual control over ISO, shutter angle and focus. The Xperia’s Photo Pro app essentially gives you the same control layout as a Sony Alpha mirrorless camera.

Read CNET’s Sony Xperia 1 II in-depth camera review:

To test the Xperia 1 II out I decided to use it to make a 4 min. short film.

I, Robber film music:
“Vesta Tilley”
Jessica Dannheisser from Audio Network

“Creation Of The Cosmos”
Alex Kovacs from Audio Network

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39 thoughts on “Sony Xperia 1 II review

  1. When Netflix is comming with an update??? The max resolution is now 1080P HDR on the Xperia 1 ii.
    Netflix Please give us an update!!!

  2. Here's a great tip – For £1200 DO NOT BUY A PHONE

    Buy one of Sony's 4k TV's instead, you can get the Sony second flagship 4k of 2019 the AG8 for £1300 and just buy a cheap xiaomi, huwawei or redmi instead

  3. Add 5G and make the 4K display 7" and it would be my 'dream' phone…That's what it would take to pull me away from the Galaxy Note line…

  4. Is the camera a massive upgrade over Xperia 1? I just need a good overall camera, is the Xperia 1 good enough as the price is definitly lower? Thanks

  5. this is like mix between s10/s20 flagships and s10/s20 notes by samsung, love the design, and specs are absolutely amazing, but i wonder if sony will keep them coming since they closed their headquaters and future is pretty dark

  6. Why I haven't seen this phone on mrwhotheboss and mkbhd?? Oh I forgot sony doesn't pay to review their phones unlike Samsung.

  7. Seriously great review. I’m going to watch the short film again. Loved it. The film really highlighted the capabilities & was great fun !

  8. ojala CNET en español hiciera reviews la mitad de buenos que estos. Hablando del teléfono, no se por qué la critica al diseño y los marcos. Son pequeños, evitan notch o agujeros y permiten parlantes frontales para un buen sonido estéreo.

  9. questo telefono è proprio un cesso da buttare….. sony è morta e solo i minchioni ancora perdono tempo dietro a sony…..

  10. I like my xperia 1 ii, that 21:9 4k hdr display is amazing, aso the front facing stereo speakers with dolby atmos sounds realy good. I'am commimg from a XZ2 premium that was a great phone. Battery life on the xperia 1 ii is super. Before i tried Samsung and apple but sony is better after 2 years of usage my xz2 premium the battery life is still like day 1, with every month a security update 💪💪💪 in holland the phone is €829 you get the wh 1000 xm3 for free €299 then i paid €530 for the phone thats a great deal.

  11. Moving away from Samsung thr hypocrites. And Sont is my choice of all my tech now. I hope to get this soon as my Note 9 is getting old

  12. I love the phone and love the short film at the end. Great work, Patrick. You should have a channel full of short movies like this based around whatever you are currently reviewing. Really very cool!

  13. Pre-ordered this one. I had Xperia 1, 5. The price compares to Samsung and apple that marketing points(no headphone jack, full screen– just so hard to use with two hand because the side display kept being touched my by hands, no ugly notch) is not high at all, so sony has 4k display, Alpha camera feature, AF, 10bit color display, Stereo Speakers(most phone don't have), yes, the drawback that it doesn't have the 120 refresh rate.

  14. Here is my honest opinion. First of all you shouldn't have to decide whether to buy a new 4K tv or a new cell phone. People act like they are going to pursue a career or hobby in photography. You will end up using it just like your old phone. Google, YouTube, Netflix, Tiktok and other social media apps. Paying $1200 and no 5G in US is stupid. If they can't put all the things we want on a phone then they shouldn't ask for all our money. Most people complain about features that will only use twice.

  15. The 60hz refresh rate is a letdown, glad other brands are taking the leap to 120hz like Oneplus, Asus & Samsung because it's about time.

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