Sony X900F 4K TV – Hands On Review

For 2018, Sony’s XBR65X900F is the best looking 4K LED TV you can buy. Superior picture processing is delivered by the X1 Extreme chip.

The Sony X900F we reviewed is the 65 inch model and it features a slim design with full array local dimming for superior contrast and 4K HDR in nearly every format available.

The Android TV smart tv OS leaves a lot to be desired, but you’re going to buy the X900F for its picture quality.



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39 thoughts on “Sony X900F 4K TV – Hands On Review

  1. The Nebraska Furniture Mart has the 85 inch version of this tv on sale for $2,799…may have to pull the trigger…

  2. Thanks for the excellent, no nonsense, review. I'm convinced, and will by the 65 inch for my living room. It's regularly $1998.99 at COSTCO…now on sale for $1398.99….$600.00 off. Good deal!

  3. Hi Caleb. Can you tell how dows this TV performs with subtitles? Between Samsung Q70R and this Sony X900F which one would perform better with subtitles and viewing angles?

  4. its between this and an LG c9. my problem is most of my media consumption is plugging in a usb and playing lots of h.265.

    which from previous experience my LG handled beautifully.

    but kinda worried about abl and peak brightness. any thoughts?

  5. One question "65- Sony X900F " or "75- Sony X800G"? Both are at a similar price point around 1000€. Looking for a big screen with darkroom performance. Give me your suggestion. Thanks in advance.

  6. I bought this piece of shit last year and it was my biggest mistake. If you are watching movies from USB stick or through LAN, internal player will not play 4K HDR movies larger than few gigabytes, it will stop in the middle of movie, with error. Subtitle options are horrible. Android is very very slow and unresponsive, remote is not intuitive, like some 1985 remote… and when you press the wrong button, android goes to some random menu etc… The only option for good quality picture is playing videos with internal player, and that player does not work. Other apps have much worse video quality. Netflix and other streaming apps are OK. Playing movie through HDMI works OK, but picture quality is also much worse than internal player. So much problems for such expensive TV.

  7. Looking at this today, April 2020 vs X950G. Which would you go with? Almost a $1000 price difference. Would love to go 77" OlED but out of my price range.

  8. Sony 900f vs. Samsung Q70R in a 60" TV for watching TV via Dish, and movies on Apple TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime? Thanks for the great videos!

  9. So maybe someone here can help, 6 years ago I bought a Vizio tv that came with a bluetooth tv remote (no IR blaster) I could use this remote anywhere in the apt and I could control the tv from anywhere and that blew my mind at the time! And no longer had to point the remote at the tv to do the things a remote can do
    Fast foward to 2020 and with this remote I have to perfectly angle the remote pointing at the tv or it doesnt do anything. Am I doing something wrong?? How can this be?? Is it seriously not a bluetooth remote???

  10. Has anybody double checked this Sony XF90/XF9005 includes the latest HDMI connection type for the next Sony PlayStation 5? It could be 'ouch' for some folks out there!

  11. Would you recommend this for the new next gen Xbox? I’m not keen on purchasing an expensive HDMI 2.1 tv

  12. I own this in the 65" variant. Love it.

    May upgrade to an LG C9 which is Oled. But til then, this one does the job.

  13. Why didn't you do any blooming tests on this TV? You did them for Hisense and TCL budget brands. Is Sony exempt?

  14. I chose a 65 inch Q7FN over this TV in a 65 inch as well a few months ago on amazon, they were the same exact price. I chose the Q7FN because I absolutely hate the user interface on this tv and I play my PS4 PRO a lot so I figured the gaming features on the Q7FN would boost my experience with the TV, the Q7FN also has a better design in my opinion. To this day I sometimes wish that I went with the Sony X900F simply for the full array local dimming & their slightly better upscaling and processing, but the brightness and vivid colors on Samsung’s QLED TVs are unmatched

  15. Was looking at this tv but the guys made me get a panasonic gx800. So not sure if I should return it and get the sony?

  16. Just replaced a rear projection with this display and couldn't be happier. Once I allowed HDMI inputs 2 and 3 to accept HDR and Dolby Vision the image really popped on 4K disks with the proper encoding. Excellent. Family movie night is rockin'.

  17. Still relevant for January 20202? I want a 49” and wondering how big a difference this model is to the XBR49X800G for a $100 more.

  18. Thank you for the review. I made my mind on this one over Samsung Q70. It just looks gorgeous and picture is amazing.

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