Sony Nw A25 Hi-Res Audio Walkman unboxing, Sound test and Review

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# World’s smallest and lightest Hi-Res Audio music player with Digital Noise Cancelling
# Premium components and high quality wireless streaming via LDAC for absolute clarity
# Long battery life for extended playback time (50hr MP3, 30hr HRA)
# 16GB internal memory & microSD slot for large music collections (480 FLAC 24bit files)
# Sony Walkman NW-A25 with S-Master HX full digital amplifier

Tracks used
1.Made To By Canvai

Listen and Download Track here

2.Ascending by Silencyde

Listen and Download Track here

3.Life by tobu

Listen and download here

4.Magic (Original Mix) by tobu & itro

Listen and Download track here

5.Jumper (Original mix) by PlatinumEDM

Listen and Download Track Here

6.Love Night by Twisterium

Listen and Download track Here

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27 thoughts on “Sony Nw A25 Hi-Res Audio Walkman unboxing, Sound test and Review

  1. I purchased a NWZ-A17 (64 Gb) and I am very pleased with it, even if this model doesn't have the noise cancelling app. WONDERFUL sound quality. Even a crappy 128 kbps mp3 file sounds nice.

  2. Someone replies. if this player sounds the same as a smartphone sony Z5 with HI RES. There is some difference in quality or it is pure publicity.

  3. howdy, i recent bought this,but i cannot use headphone button to control this (like skip track,pause),it should be like this or?

  4. Sir can you make a video on how to change the language settings of the nw-a25? I got mine from japan and I'm stucked on the japanese language. Thank you.

  5. Does anyone think the bass is lacking? I've compared it to my other unit, NWZ-A17. The sound is so different I'm beggining to think the new NW-A25 is somehow damaged or needs an urgent system firmware update. The sound through my JBL bluetooth speakers or my Pioneer car unit, is very good. I haven't noticed anything wrong with it. I've the NW-A25 and NWZ.A17 using the headphones that came with the 25. At first, I thought they sounded awful, and the bass was so poor compared to my other Sony earbuds MDR-EX30, and those sounded great with the 25 and the NWZ-A17. The weirdest thing is, the earbuds that came with the NW-A25 sound ABSOLUTELLY AWESOME with any other device, including my cellphone, the Sony Xperia Z5, specially since it can take advantage of the noise cancelling technology in this headphones.
    Anyway, if someone knows what's the deal with the poor sound of the NW-A25, I'd be grateful if you can provide any insight about it.

  6. I charge it during the night, use it about 1 or 2 hours and then don't use it until another day or some days later and the battery is on the lowest. Any advice? 🙁

  7. Good video, but I can't understand why I need headphones for the "best experience" when I will mute the video to escape that horrifyingly shitty music.

  8. I purchased this player a few days ago. There was no warranty card inside the box. And the box didn't have a seal. Should I be worried?

  9. I have Sony mdr 1a collection is still largely on mp3 and now pairing the earphone with my old cowon I audio e2. I just wonder it is worthwhile or would it make a huge differences for me to get this player.

  10. I am using Sony NWZ E443 from 2010 still works like a new device and sound quality is better than high priced ipods.
    Now I am thinking of buying this one

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