Sony NW-A100 WALKMAN Review – ALMOST Perfect!

Being a fan of the A series walkman since the A35 and A45, let me tell you if the Sony NW-A100/A105 is the perfect A series to own.

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15 thoughts on “Sony NW-A100 WALKMAN Review – ALMOST Perfect!

  1. How much you think the sound quality when it comparing to Fiio M11/ M9 in terms of sound quality to drive IEMs?

  2. I love almost everything about mine except for the color (sage) and the fact that I can't adjust the EQ with bluetooth headphones. Compared to my old Pioneer and all the Hiby devices I've tried (R3, R6 AND R5), I much prefer this. Can't wait until Amazon Japan starts shipping the color I prefer to the US.

  3. Sony's lower end walkmans (such as the a50s) support being used as a USB DAC for Mac/PC, does the a100 support this feature?

  4. Great Review man, I love my WM1A, my A-55, and I bought the NW-A105 when I went to Tokyo in November. It has great features and I'm glad you can stream and it has USB-C, but the Battery life is horrid.

  5. Great job with the video. When you said that streaming music sounded better vs when listening on your phone, were you comparing using wired headphones or Bluetooth earbuds/earphones?

  6. Yeah, the battery life reduction (and also lack of USB DAC) is one reason why I didn’t bother with these even though they have USB-C. Waiting for a better version.

  7. What do you think people? With smaller audio companies like IBasso and Shanling coming out with their feature-packed mid-fi DAPs, will u still go with DAPs from the big boys like Sony? Let me know in the comments!

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