Sony MDR XB950b1 Unboxing And Review – 2018

Sony MDR XB950b1 Unboxing And Review – 2018

I have been wanting the Sony MDR XB950b1 ever since I first heard them. Once I got them out of the box and heard the incredible bass, I had to share them with all of you. I have reviewed several bluetooth headphones but these are some of the most fun headphones I have so far. Make sure to check them out.

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29 thoughts on “Sony MDR XB950b1 Unboxing And Review – 2018

  1. Hey i bought it and i am happy … 🙂 . A Question .. what is the volume level you keep them at ? PS – i made my own pouch !!!

  2. I just wonder why the bass and volume is louder when I plugged in ( headphone turned on) with the cable compared to connected wirelessly? Is anyone having the same problem as me?

  3. These are hecking awesome and when you press the power button the lady well says " battery level high " she sounds so happy telling me my battery level

  4. Mine broke in “that place” but super glued it and although they don’t swivel anymore, they still sound strong

  5. Here it is 2019 and I am still using these , they are still going for $249.99 here in Canada and to me after listening to a few Skulls and Beats around the same price range these still beat them all , I hope to see an update to these soon with maybe 5. something Bluetooth?

  6. Sony MDR-XB950B1 are the hinge strong nuff? how was ur expereinces? do they break easily while wearin them in daily life>>??

  7. @everyone how are you charging your pair of Headphones? Sony states that I need to plug it in a computer or laptop.

  8. I have had 3 pairs and each of them have broken the same exact way. The quality is great but the design is shit.

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