Sony Alpha SLT-A33 Hands-on Review

We’ve received some Tweets asking us to review more Sony products. With the release of the A-33( and the A-55( we were presented with a couple of new Sony products to look at and they are certainly quite interesting products. They feature a translucent mirror that lets 70% of light through and 30% is bounced-up. As a result it benefits from a continuous phase detection autofocus. But how does it perform? Watch our review of the A-33 here.

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Sony SLT Camera

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39 thoughts on “Sony Alpha SLT-A33 Hands-on Review

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  2. i have the camera SLT -a37 sony unfortunetly it appears camera error in the screen and I canot shoot any more photos, haw can I repair it

  3. Do you think or know if the Sony SLT A37 is worth the money? I am thinking of getting one! 🙂
    – Hoping for an answer from you 😉

  4. Sorry, that's a drawback with using DSLR/DSLT type cameras for shooting video. The most you're gonna get in one go out of the a33 is a half hour. Remember, it's a photographer's tool. It wasn't built for videography.

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