Sony A6600 review: A rare misstep

As Sony’s new flagship APS-C camera, the 24.2-meagpixel A6600 has a lot to live up to. First of all, it had to follow the A6500, launched in 2016 with innovative features like 4K 30 fps video, fast 11 fps shooting speeds, in-body stabilization and face- and eye-tracking. For a couple of years, nothing else on the market could touch it.

What’s more, the A6600 arrived just after Sony’s 61-megapixel A7R IV full-frame mirrorless camera — possibly the best camera I’ve ever seen. From a competition standpoint, Sony is also under pressure to top Fujifilm’s X-T3, which has a higher-resolution sensor, more 4K video features and much better handling than the A6500.

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40 thoughts on “Sony A6600 review: A rare misstep

  1. I ended up getting sony 6600 over xt3 after trying them for a week, fuji sucks with its AF and lenses are slow, lack of IBIS and no flip screen. You only need that 10bit video if you want to color grade your footage, movie or cine profiles looks much better

  2. I have changed my Sony a6400 for a Fujifilm Xt-30 and I have to say that the X-trans sensor, despite having more megapixels, captures much less detail than the old Sony sensor at levels that Fuji photos sometimes seem like watercolors… As soon as I can I'm going back to Sony and I'm going to buy an a6600

  3. I’m thinking of getting the a6600 or a7iii which one should I get I really like the low light capabilities but the flip up screen!

  4. I upgraded from an a6500 to an a6600 and am delighted with the results. For me, it's a companion camera to my a7RIV and perfect for travel, street and for taking pictures of family. Unless you've used the new focus tracking feature in the a6600 and a7RIV (and a9), it's really hard to explain the attraction. It totally revolutionizes the way I shoot photographs. The camera is always in continuous focus with the focus point in the middle. Instead of moving the focus point around you just aim the middle point at the subject, acquire focus and then the camera tracks the subject relentlessly. It doesn't matter if it's a child running in a playground, an animal running in the wild or a musician making moves on stage. The a6600 just tracks the subject flawlessly. Unlike any other camera in its class. You lose the built in flash, but I bought a Godox TT350 and it's a perfect companion for on and off-camera flash.

  5. XT3 has a really crappy battery life, no IBIS and a shame of a performance in higher isos, and by high i mean 3200 or 4000, not to mention that the sony at the same ISO value can be 1 full stop brighter with lower visible noise. XT3 has horrible metering modes also. I dumped the xt3 for the a6600 with 16-55G/2.8 and i can assure you the XT3 has nothing on the a6600 for image quality, and i do own an A7R4, 6600 is my secondary camera now. yeah the fujis have more specs for video and better rolling shutter, but i would never trust a fuji for a photo payed work day as i trust either the a6600 or the a7r4. so it's not all roses for the xt3 or even the xt4, somethings are really bad, and not even the full APSC lenses lineup saves fuji in that regard.

  6. But the XT3 and M60ii dont have articulating screens so they are not even in the competition –for vloggers and youtubers

  7. I bought the a6600 + 16-55mm f/2.8. After awhile I realized it's the same cost as a7 III + Tamron 28-75mm. I went with the a7III instead and was blown away by the difference in photos (I don't do video). The a6600 led me to go to full frame even though I never intended to go full frame (was an a6000 user for years!). Funny how life works.

    Tell you what though, that a6600 AF live-tracking is amazing. Wish the a7 III had it!

  8. 4:19 Poor girl has been skewered by that evil child behind her. Look how much she is enjoying it too.

  9. Engadget do not know cameras, they only know the iFart phones and Fruit company. Anything with those logos are winning reviews.

  10. The rolling shutter Alone is a terrible buy unless on a gimbal or tripod 100% of the time. I returned my a6400 ASAP and got a canon m50 lol. I surprised on the build quality of the m50 very nice build.

  11. So it's made for vlogging and short filming? m6 mark ii or a6600 which one is good for short filming and vlogging

  12. I'm looking for an upgrade to the consumer grade canon camcorder I am currently using to record discgolf tournaments with.. this seemed like a suiteable upgrade, after seeing potatojets review of it.. but seeing this review and especially the terrible skew when panning .. yikes.. the search continues. Thanks!

  13. Well that was discouraging, i have the sony a7m3 and wanted a apc companion, i guess i have to wait for a A6700, LOL

  14. I really hope Sony puts in a dedicated mic jack in the next model. It's annoying that you have to buy a whole additional accessory to take advantage of mics. It was one of the reasons I ended up getting a Lumix G7. Whenever they do put one in, I'll finally upgrade from my a6000

  15. Basically, the rolling shutter is the biggest reason why I won't consider the A6000 series. I'm going to use it for filmmaking, so that is a big deal to me. I'm wondering what the other options are for budget mirrorless cameras for filmmaking updated for 2020 reviews. Could you make a video on that, please? 🙂

  16. This is like the ONLY negative review I’ve seen on this camera. The rolling shutter comment is legit because I can see it. But other points dunno 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great camera, and I hate to be negative, but all these DSLR and mirrorless cameras( not just SONY) are excellent still cameras trying to be a video camera. I wish they had form factor and features where it was a video camera that could also do still photos. For example , no built in ND filter, separate buttons specifically for white balance, frame rate, shutter, aperture, etc. Yeah they make video cameras but not with the in camera image stabilization, auto focus control, good menu system, pro-res recording (even if it has to be external that is ok) and they are $3k more money.

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