Sony A65 Hands-on Review (feat. Canon 600D)

We take a look at Sony’s baby brother to the A-77, the A-65( It’s a translucent mirror DSLR that is aimed at the likes of the Canon 600D( and Nikon D5100( Is this camera any good?

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35 thoughts on “Sony A65 Hands-on Review (feat. Canon 600D)

  1. OK this Sony got everything going for it, till i noticed the tilt on that lcd back screen..Wy oh wy you wanna design a back SLR screen that tilts downwards..Hello!! your camera is on a tripad and your shooting yourself, you can see the lcd screen that is obscured by the tripod….Tilt to the side sony like any manufacturer…Plz fire the engineers who designed it..Or the entire team for that matter…

  2.   Now we all know guys,  we are all insecure for checking if we got the shot on the LCD!   2:09   because nobody would do such a thing unless they were insecure!!  

  3. Because of video like this i decided to go for Sony A65. And I'm really impress..

    Now i just need some really good lens.

  4. If you really wan't the film look with going back to film and within this sort of budget, I would be looking for a second hand Canon XL2.

    It's a brilliant piece of kit, and about as close as you can get within those parameters.
    And if you keep you eyes open, you can get one for less than either of these cameras.

  5. I understand that YouTube compresses everything. Your lens is the reason (no offense) but the 18-55 is a pretty cheap lens, if you put a better lens on it, it will show off what the a65 is capable of.

  6. 18-55 Sony Sam. Hope you dont compare quality on youtube. You cant really see the main differences on youtube^^

  7. You can edit to death, but you can't replicate that film look. Just look for what colours you like from Sony or Canon. I'd say Canon, but that is based on my friends reviews, I use Sony alot now.

  8. i have both lol. Panasonic x909 and a65. And the quality and usability of the x909 is far better than using the a65. Zoom, Image quality, sharpness, details, noise … The x909 is better then the a65 in all points. I only use the a65 for making that speacial DoF, which you can only get with the x909 by zooming in.

  9. I own an a65 and personally I love it. Although I must say that he's totally right about the buffer when shooting raw at 10fps, you get about 8-10 shots max and then it takes forever to finish buffering. But if I need to shoot more than that i just bump it down to fine quality and you get at least 25, i have a really hard time noticing the difference in image quality anyway.

  10. Is this a good choice for someone who wants to take photography beyond the limitations of your average Ixus compact camera? Fact is, my Xperia Z1 beats many compact cameras, so I need to step it up a notch

  11. Watched some comparison videos between the Panasonic HC-X909 and a t5i and I still feel the t5i had the all around "better Image" even though the Sony a65 has a even "better image" then the t5i. But that is a pretty nice little camcorder I will give it that.

  12. well, tell me any DSLR which can make videos like the Panasonic x909 or x800 which is available for 600 euros. You wont find one.

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