Sony a6300 + 16-50mm Kit Lens Hands-On Test

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29 thoughts on “Sony a6300 + 16-50mm Kit Lens Hands-On Test

  1. Epic. Every video I stumbled upon about the kit lens was negative. Anita blew everyone away who shared that opinion. Her work is almost magical.

  2. Been debating between getting this lens or a more expensive prime lens. I think this lens is good enough such that I can use the savings on buying lighting gear and courses on posing, composition and advanced professional photo editing. Producing stunning photos is more as a result of skill than using better gear. Am I right?

  3. Finally good video without all that talking just showing pic and results thank you . Ill subscribe you for this . And ill buy it tomorrow

  4. Edited it looks overexposed to me. Maybe it's to the photographers like, but sertantly not mine. Details are washed out with to much light and softened contrast.

  5. I'm thinking about getting an a6400. i have an older NEX-3n and really need something in the a6000 family!!

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