Sony A6100 VS Sony A6400 | What’s the Difference?!

Today we’re comparing the Sony A6100 and the Sony A6400, two very powerful yet affordable 4k mirrorless cameras. They’ve got great image quality, great autofocus, and fantastic video capabilities.

But if they are so good what is the difference and which one comes out on top?

Let’s find out!

Sony A6100!

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41 thoughts on “Sony A6100 VS Sony A6400 | What’s the Difference?!

  1. Please i need your help
    I need a camera for vlogging, i'm so confused between a6100 and m50
    All my confusion is about the stablization
    Which one will be better for vlogging ? As the a6100 doesn't have ibis ..
    Please i need your help ❤

  2. You don’t have the right information the Sony a6100 does have unlimited 4K recording how come you don’t know that if you are trying to make money with YouTube?

  3. Thanks for great videos. Do you still think A6400 is the optimum choice after A6600? I’m between these two.

  4. Does the Sony a6100 or a6400 allow you to record internally with an HDMI monitor connected? I have the Panasonic G7 which i have loved so far. However i am thinking of either getting another g7 since I already have a bunch of mft lens…or switch to a budget sony. The draw back i have with the g7 is that I cant record internally while using an external monitor…and i found the lilliput a7s monitor to be perfect but had to return it.

  5. Right now the a6100 is $600 camera only and the A6400 is $800 body only. That’s a significant difference.

  6. The a6100 is $500 cheaper in Canada than the us. The a6100 is like 950 and the 6400 is 1300. I would like weather sealing and slog…. but 500$ is a LOT of money

  7. The only problem with this otherwise excellent video is that today 6100 kit is almost 300$ cheaper than 6400 kit. At least in EU in the middle of 2020. So it gives totally different perspective.

  8. Some vloggers are saying the A6100 does not have a recording limit. Can anyone confirm? I really need a camera without a time limit because I'm planning to record music and interviews longer than 30 minutes.

  9. It's a 300$ difference atm, 6400 is 900 (body only) and 6100 is 600(body only), should i go with 6100 then? i'm on a budget

  10. Everytime I watch your video..I repeat this with u..idk..
    If I can figure it out .. you can figure it out

  11. The nervousness death spiral is so real!! Ahaha! Thank you for acknowledging it. Felt pretty alone in that, til now.

  12. Working to get out of doing my videos with the GP Hero 8 I am looking at the a6100 ($600)vs a6400 ($900). I know very little about cameras and will be using for YT videos and some outside shots and videos. Is the extra $300 worth it for the 6400? I already have the E-mount 16-50 lens that will fit either.

  13. You talk about PP1 all the time, but the Picture Profile options are just containers that you can customize. My PP1 can be different than yours if I change settings in there. All PP containers contain the same settings within so we don’t know if you went in and tweaked things in there to fit your needs…Also, would the a6100 allow you to go into the settings to recreate the “PP1” look?

  14. That's weird. The record limit on the a6100 is unlimited for 1080p according to my experience. I am yet to try in 4k though.

  15. Hi. Thanks for your videos! I enjoy them so much! I am really inclined to buy the Sony a6400 for all of good characteristics, but the price is something to consider… Now that B&H has the a6100 body only at $598… Do you thinks that is a great deal? Is now the time to buy it? I want to make a wise decision. Although I really like all the extra features in the a6400, the deal in a6100 are taking me amazed!

  16. Can you please clarify what you mean when you say the a6100 has a 30 minute video recording limit? Does that just mean if you hit record and let it go, it will stop at 30 minutes and all you have to do is press the record button again to start a new recording?

  17. just being curious: for a6100, since it does not have picture profile, then what Black level, Gamma, Black Gamma, Knee, Color Mode, Saturation, Color Phase, and Color Depth does it shoot in? all in default? then what is the default? in particular, what is the default Gamma? Thanks!

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