SONY a6000 vs a6300. Why you might NOT need to upgrade

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Camera Gear Used:

Sony 50mm f1.8 OSS:
Sony a6000:

Sony A7iii:
Tamron 28-75mm f2.8:

Zhiyun crane 2:
Sigma 16mm f1.4:
Sigma 30mm f1.4:
Sony 50mm f1.8 FE:
Sound: Rode shotgun mic on a boom :
Editing Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Editing Audio Software: Adobe Audition

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26 thoughts on “SONY a6000 vs a6300. Why you might NOT need to upgrade

  1. Im confused Plzz reply … im thinking to buy a Used Sony Camera. .. Should i get a6300 or a6000? I was thinking abt a6300. …wat is ur Opinion?

  2. Hey. I want to buy 6300 and 85 mm 1.8.. But 6000 also great camera i don't know.. What i must buy for street fashion and portraits… Can i use 6000 ? What are you thinking about 6000+85mm 1.8

  3. A6000 just can't cut it ,no mic jack , no cine 1 ,2,3 or s log 1,2,3 , no 120fps , no 6k sensor , no 4K . If you downscale 4K to 1080p yo get super high quality footage .

  4. I love my a6300. I want to upgrade to the a7iii but im pretty sure im not going to. I have no reason to. I am a beginning wildlife photographer and i want to invest in the sony 200-600mm and just a 85mm. One thing i want sony to do is gives us a6300 users a firmware update for the a6300. Im hoping but im pretty sure they will not give us a update. Anyway, love the video. Keep em coming .

  5. I’ve got a Sony A6000 and the A6400 I actually prefer my tried trusted A6000 to be honest, obviously the A6400 has more functionality but the A6000 was years ahead of its time when it was released back in 2014. What’s good about the Sony Alpha series is the lenses both Sony and the official lens that Sony approve eg Sigma , Tamron etc
    I’ve found as long as you keep up to date with the updates and have a varied selection of lenses you cannot go wrong with the Sony A6000

  6. Thank you. That has answered my question as to whether I should upgrade to the A6300. I like the sound of the Sigma 16mm f1.4. So, new lens, not body. 😊

  7. I had the sony a6000 for 2 years and loved it! But now I bought a Sony a6300 (you can pick buy one used for 500€) and it is defenititive better for myself. 120fps, picture profiles, microphone output. So for filmmaker who shoot something like travel videos, commercials, music videos, short films is the a6300 better. But everyone who just shoots photos and simple youtube videos should buy the the a6000.

  8. Thinking about buying some small yet capable camera for travelling and capturing some photos/videos along the way. Sony a6000 seems sufficient! I already own GH5, but it's pretty large and I own mostly Rokinon cine lenses, so no way I would carry all of that around haha. Also, I would like to get some zoom lens for a6000…any suggestions? Great video by the way!

  9. Nice video! I’ve decided to buy the A6000… but defo need one lens should I go with the Sigma 30 or 16 mm? Both are f1.4.. I shoot portraits landscapes and street photography 😅 thanks 🙏

  10. I have an A6500 and recently got a used a6000 for backup at $265 in mint conditions. Used the extra cash to invest in some lenses.

  11. Great video, for those that don't need 4K, the Sony a6000 is still a great choice. Hey congrats on your daughter, welcome to "being a broke dad for the next 18 years 🙂 "

  12. Good day my lovely Mr. Jason!
    Sony a6000 it's very good camera indeed, most especially as you have mentioned about upgrading your lenses, that's where you convinced me that you are a pro.
    I have a6000 with 18-200mm oss sel and 50mm and it has been so wonderful both in video and photo it's excellent camera. I shoot my video in XAVC'S codec and import it in 4k mode, now, bring Panasonic gh5 and compare it if you will know the difference.

  13. Sony A6000 is still my best travel camera for photo's. I even shot my brother's wedding with it in Indonesia! For video it can be pretty good as well if you know what to do with it. Keep it up!

  14. I have a5100's … should I upgrade to a6400? I have touch focus and flip up screen … 2 of them with kit cost me $480 . Opinion?

  15. How are you Jason? We are waiting for the announcement of the winner ☺️ Much love from the Philippines ❤️

  16. I have a6000 and bought sigma16mm f1.4 recently… picture quality is jus mindblowing… everything a beginner photographer (for nature, landscape, indoor) can ask for

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