Sony A6000 Firmware update 2019 version 3.21, complete update tutorial

It’s been almost 3 years since Sony released a new firmware for the A6000 But, Sony just recently released a brand new A6000 Firmware 3.21. In this video, I will talk about what has changed, and I will show you step by step how to update to the latest firmware, and I’ll talk about what has changed.

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📒 The Gear I use 📒

Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera:
Sony A7R iii:
Sony A6000:
GoPro Hero 8 Black:

Lenses I use:

Sony 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 OSS:

Sony 28mm F/2:

Sony 85mm 1.8:


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34 thoughts on “Sony A6000 Firmware update 2019 version 3.21, complete update tutorial

  1. If your camera shows :, "Check the connected device", simply try another USB cable until it works!
    Took me 3 USB cable to work.
    Thx for the video!

  2. Hi buddy thanks for sharing the video it was really helpful can you please tell me something I can do with overheating because it pops up at every 15 mins

  3. Do not freak out if after pressing "reset" in camera the updater bizarrely asks to close and restart itself and you're left with a seemingly bricked (dead) camera. After waiting 15mins I even stupidly tried turning it off and on again. No response. Somehow that happened to me and there was no mention of it in the video. I then just restarted the updater program, hit "run" and then waited for the green bar get to 100% which took like 5mins. Updated from 2.00. Frankly there shouldn't be a need to restart an updater. Lousy coding by Sony!

  4. My camera just turned the red light on switch off and never turn ON again while updating the firmware. What I can do? Can you help me?

  5. Yay I don't have to do any of this…just got my a6000 late last year (it came with 3.21)…I love this camera! Also thanks for this tutorial! 🙂

  6. i tried doing this through the mac version but my camera will not connect to the computer any ideas on what i should do?

  7. Great video followed the tutorial thanks so much. Mine was set at version 1.0 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Thank you for sharing !! 2 February 2020 i bought a6000 today and updated becuse some options was missing focus is better than before ❤️

  9. I changed several USB cables until it works. I was seeing the "Check the connected device" message at camera's screen when using spoiled USB cable, thus you have to make sure your cable is fine when plugged in, in order to see the message: USB Mode Mass Storage -USB-. Hope it helps.

  10. I tried to update but it said I already had the latest version at 3.21. I just bought mine Cyber Monday but figured it had just been sitting in a box for awhile, was really surprised that it was already at the latest firmware. Still dropping a like for a helpful video.

  11. Okay honest time. I bought my a6000 only months after it was released and had never done a firmware update (yes, I was on 1.0). Your tutorial was super quickly and easy. Time took go test it out. Thank you!

  12. I just upgraded my firmware from 2.0 to 3.21 on a Mac. Your video prepared me for the warnings that popped up during the upgrade since they are similar. The startup and autofocus were good at 2.0 but both seemed to improve with the update. The whole process took about 15 minutes. Before watching your video I probably wouldn't have bothered. Thanks so much.

  13. I updated my sony a6000, the problem I noticed as a hybrid shooter is that I dont have the 50 shutter speed when I shoot on 24fps on the new version update. I am not sure if its only my camera or do you have the same thing?

  14. Well, i just read in some other comments that its isn't for the 6300. Do you know if they are going to have an update for the a6300??

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