Sony A5100 vs A6000 review

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A5100 review:
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48 thoughts on “Sony A5100 vs A6000 review

  1. anyone have overheating issue while shooting video? my a6000 can only record 20min max before system automatic shutdown.

  2. I may be wrong, but I am almost 90% sure that you are somewhere from Ex-Yugoslavia, because of your accent of course. I sound almost the same when I speak english.
    Buy the way you made the grate video on the topic.

  3. If you'fe doing youtube ir streqming. Go for a5100. Cheaper and the functions fit more specifically for that purpose.

  4. you helped me alot. very good video bro, with direct points. not going around the point. Thank you keep it up

  5. Hello, very good review, I am looking for my first camera and I am between the Canon T6 (in its kit it brings two lenses 18-55 and 75-300) and the Alpha 5100 (lens 16-50), is more than anything for images of landscapes and photograph one or another family moment, I hope you can help me .. Thank you

  6. Enjoyed the video, very informative and I'm happy you got straight to the point and didn't waste time! I'll be getting the a5100 due to using it mainly for vlogging. The other is best for photos.

  7. I bought A5100 1 year and it's great even for everyday camera with the kit lens which is f3.5…I managed to take some nice astrophotography pictures. Next, I want to buy a sigma lens 16mm f1.4 and try it out.

  8. What to buy in both for self you tube video shoot …if i go for 6000 then how can i shoot my video if iam alone .

  9. For photos, which is better? A5100 or A6000? I dont really record videos, I just want to use it for photos when Im travelling 🙂

  10. good points — major point for me is the lack of an external mic input on the a5100, a real dealbreaker against the a5100, also read I also prefer the external dials on the a6000…

    That 'fix' with the proprietary mic connectors behind the hotshoe still is bad enough, actually should be treated as an overall LACK of external mic inputs, but I am currently in the process of testing those options.

  11. I love how you talk like Aladeen Aladeen from the movie “THe Dictator “ … anyway great review! Getting my a6000 nextweek!

  12. can you please advise on the audio input adapter? i read else where that you cannot record externally with the 6000, that the mini usb input does not accept audio in? thanks!

  13. Are both grab and go in size? Are pancake lense same quality as kit 16-50 for basic zoom and basic night photos?

  14. I cannot get my camera to focus when i set it up to do my selfie ig pics!!!!!!!!!!! I losing my mind w the 5100 sony

  15. Is the difference between the a5000 and a5100 really that important? I see a $70 price decrease for the a5000 but I'm not sure if that's worth getting it over the a5100

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