Sony A5 to fight the Canon RP?

There is a rumour of a new budget full frame camera from Sony to challenge the Canon RP. Could such a camera be on the horizon and if so what would the specs be? … let’s discuss!
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34 thoughts on “Sony A5 to fight the Canon RP?

  1. If the screen flips I'll be listening. I hope they remove the viewfinder and flash entirely and the buffer/pipeline would only have to be large enough to move 4k video – this camera does not have to shoot a lot of photos quickly.

  2. Umm, sorry to be a troll here, but the thumbnail, and the content seem to be in dis-parity. Your didn't even talk about the RP, your dog got more air time. You just talked about a camera no one knows anything about, so all perception! I would of liked to of seen the spec list of the RP and how Sony intends to compete with features at that price. Maybe be a little more upfront what the vid is in future. It really told me nothing and was very clickbaity.

  3. I've been carting around an A7 since 2014. It wouldn't take a lot to make that camera more appealing to me in 2020. Except that they have, A7III. A lot of the things reviewers whined about then have been fixed and now they are going to take a step back just to compete with a crappy camera Canon sells. I question the wisdom of making a pivot toward being the same as Canon as opposed to being better than Canon.

  4. Full Frame under 1k is insane whether Canon or Sony. People are expecting too much for the Money. Yes I'd love it but most photographers or videographers are more then happy for what you get for that price. Does it sort of suck that you get cropped 4k in Canon. Sure but at that price it's still cool. You cant really get full potential of cameras for videos anyways unless you have external monitor to see false color. Shooting in log is hard to decyoer whether you are clipping highlights or shadows on regular camera monitors. We are spoiled nowadays and need to catch up technique wise just to get the level of our current camera. I have a Sony A7iii and I dont think I even used it to the fullest level.

  5. They may need to take out 4K if they want to avoid overheating issues of a full frame sensor in a body that small. Or limit it to, like, 5 minutes.

  6. Thank you for notifying this,
    I was about to buy sony a7iii next week
    the only draw back in a7iii i feel are the screen quality and the evf,
    will the a7iv / a5 come any sooner july ?

    what do you all suggest me, should i go ahead any buy next week or a wait for the a5/a7iv is better..
    Are there any chance that A7iii price will be reduced

  7. Dave, you will switch back to Canon even if you don’t know it yet..
    We will welcome you back in the family;)

  8. Funny those rumors pop up on the same day as rumors about an entry level Nikon FF camera (supposedly called Z5) which is also supposed to be housed in a APS-C style body. I'm wondering if these rumors are made up by the same person

  9. I think the perfect niche would be the Costco market. Build a nice full frame camera in the smaller rangefinder body and give it the features a high end home shopper would want. Pair it with a nice zoom and it would be a huge hit. No need for IBIS. A viewfinder and flash could be optional and fit in the hot shoe. The low light capabilities would make it perfect for home use (birthday parties, kids indoor sports etc). Price it at the thousand dollar price point. Market it as the easiest to use home camera that gives amazing results. A winner.

  10. I am thinking my A6600 is about to drop in price lol……Would be sweet to have a mini a7iii in the a6600 body. I feel like they would have to drop the price of the a6600 to like $1,200 for good or lower.

  11. have you never seen the turn around screen on the Sony A99, A77, A77II, A99II? Turns around with a center EVF.

  12. For such a resonably underwhelming camera with a bunch of old sensor tech, it really has taken quite a niche for itself and proven to be popular. Turns out even if you smite a camera with the cripple hammer, price it right and people will buy it.
    Wonder if it sells any RF glass liek the 7D mk II used to do with EF?

  13. The IBIS mechanism itself is taking a lot of space, especially with a FF sensor, so if you want the a6600 form factor, there's no way they can keep the IBIS, and of course as you mentioned there's the cost factor.

  14. I think it doesnt makes sense for sony to bring out a cheap fullframe camera without affordable fullframe glass. I hope that "new" fullframe camera is a Z-Cam style video camera mady by sony with e-Mount and E-ND like the FS5 or just a smaller FS5 like the VG30 series ILCE camcorder

  15. hi, not a bad idea, I am changing my mind about the design of the a6xxx series, because of the very compact size which I like, but if Sony uses it for a ff sensor camera, are there ultra compact ff lenses to go with it? Only some samyang primes, so if sony does that in my opinion should also release an ultra compact kit zoom which covers the ff circle…..

  16. I can't imagine mounting a 24-70 zoom on an a6600 style body. Even the Tamron 28-75 would seem pretty large on that body. I prefer an a6600 with the Zeiss 16-70. It's a perfect match of size and balance. The APS-C sensor is not that much of an issue.

  17. I'd love to see the exact camera you spec'd… I'd probably look into upgrading into an A7IV and keeping the III as the backup rather than going for an A5 because of the real time AF. If they'd add it with a firmware update to the III I'd go with the A5 for backup, though.

  18. I strongly disagree with the point you made for a couple of reasons. First, an A5 that was video centric, would cannibalize their entire apsc line. Second, the EOS RP is primarily a camera with stills in mind. If I recall correctly, the camera didn’t even release with 24p and still lacks canons CLog. Sony would have to restructure it’s pricing on the entire lineup of cameras. This means cheaper full frame and apsc cameras. Last time I checked, they are still selling a crap ton of a5100 and a6000 cameras.

  19. Maybe it is smart to release a cheap mediocre full frame camera. It is not what a want at all. I have bought all the best APS-C lenses for Sony and want a APS-C camera with the body from A7R4.

  20. a6400 workings inside a a6600 body with a full frame not interested if you can see yourself taking video so whatever that does it does. As an owner of gig fat hands i would welcome the sony workings inside a canon 7dmk2 body.
    Keep the vids coming

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