Sony A37 Review

I take a look at the Sony SLT-A37, this is the replacement for the popular SLT-A33. As with all current Sony DSLR model it supports Sony’s translucent mirror technology. Translucent mirror technology allows for faster continuous drive speeds as well as faster focus in live view and video mode.

While the A37 is not anything particularly new or exciting it does a good job of building on the feature set of the A33. It feature a 16 megapixel sensor that slightly increased resolution and low light (high ISO) performance. More info and samples to follow in part 2 of this review!

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46 thoughts on “Sony A37 Review

  1. Peace, i am from Algeria i love your védio ☺ i want your question about the price fell asleep Shooting Machine

  2. Hi Jeremy very useful info,I have had this camera for a while and have not used it unfortunately have lost the instruction book can pls tell me how to achieve best family portrait pics thanks Randy.

  3. the scroll wheel on the side of the viewfinder is there so you dont have to use your glasses…focus with the wheel once your glasses are off…

  4. Are you somekinda relative to Will Smith? 'Cause you do remind me of him..
    And holy shit the camera can do 60fps in 1080p?? I was struggling in deciding what to buy since I need a camera AND a videocam, but goddamn that struggle is over!

  5. battery life is great with this one, had 700 pics with tamron 18-200mm zoom lens (screw-driven) on kids birthday. and still 43% battery left. overall I like this Sony very much because it's fast and takes amazing pics =) A65 would be better choice for a long term…

  6. The A37 kit lens (18-55) is a variable aperture lens. This means that it cannot maintain the same aperture throughout the zoom range. At 18mm you can go down to F/3.5 but at 55mm the f-stop will only go down to F/5.6.

  7. Good Jeremy, it's like the part 2 of your A37 review is not out, am I right? On the other hand, I can't seem to get a lower F Stop number (lower than 4.5) in the manual mode, though I am using the kit lens which is 18-55mm, I need your help, thanks

  8. Hello Jeremy, it's been a while since I last talked with you. Please can you tell me, when I am shooting animation with my a37, if a clay object is to the right, or to the left those 'robocop' grid/viewfinders always focus on the middle or the object in the middle. How can I focus left or focus right and play with the squares/grids??

  9. why is so slow on night shooting? After 200 pics on 16GB Class 10 card it doesn't want to take picture for a 5-10 seconds, day or night.. Continuous shooting disapoint me because the camera almost stuck after 2 sessions. Also, you can't autoshooting if you want continous shooting. Can you help me to impove the shooting speed, please?

  10. Hey, thanks for the video. I'm new to all this, so pretty clueless. I'm looking to get a good budget DSLR to use primarily for professional quality video shooting. I've been looking at canon, something like a 600D… but I'm beginning to think that a Sony A57 OR A37 might be a good choice. Do you have any thoughts? Which would you recommend for video – the A57 or the 37? Can I use a wide variety of lenses with both? Any tips / advice really appreciated. Great vid again, thanks.

  11. hi jeremy i just bought a37 and i love it but its my first dslr so could u do tutorials for a37 please seems like u know the camera pls consider doing the tutorials

  12. Quick question , will the continuous shooting work well enough to capture fast mountain biking and will i be able to shoot video that will look smooth when i slow it down

  13. Thanks for quick reply , sony a-37 is my price range so im happy to hear ive done proper research thanks again for the help

  14. Hi , I am looking to upgrade my camera and use it mainly for video , I tend to transfer home movies to dvd , does the video need to be shot in mp4 rather than avchd ?
    I know the a57 is 1080p as opposed to the a37 1080i so if shot in mp4 does that make the interlaced or progressive irrelevant ? and also if I am using the camera for mainly video should I be buying a digital camera rather than a dslr ? thanks for your help and for the informative videos .

  15. This video is bang on for thick people like me! I have just upgraded from a sony compact to the a37 n the video has made a big difference in me understanding the camera and how i will use it Many Thanks Quality Stuff Much Love!!!

  16. It can only do 60fps in 1080i but still pretty cool. You get double the frames if you switch to interlaced video. Other manufactures should include this feature.

  17. Hello Mr. Smith,

    Thanks you for your video.

    I would like to ask you for your opinion. I am between a Sony a37 and a Lumix DMC G3. I am aware that the Sony has a bigger sensor, which makes it a better camera, however I would like to know if the difference is that big. Both are cameras of a similar price range, however I am interested in a camera easy to take with you, and therefore the size it is still important to me.

    Any toughs in this matter would be very much appreciated.

  18. hi ,I am confused between Nikon d5100 and Sony A37 , with A37 in 570$ i am getting 18-135 MM lens as well on the other hand in Nikon i need to shell out $800.I believe Nikon is better but as this is going to be my first SLR and i will mainly take my KIDS pic and few outdoor pics,is it worth spending extra 200 Bucks?please suggest

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