Sony a3000 Full Review and Camera,Video Test

Here is the SONY A3000 that ive just picked up for 200USD. I asked you guys if you wanted to see me do a review on this prodcut and i did, i really love the SONY a3000 its an amazing starter camera for video and also if you want to touch it up a little you can change the lenses.
▶ Impressions
Sony’s taking a different approach to the consumer interchangeable lens market with the A3000, essentially a 20.1MP APS-C mirrorless camera that uses the same E-mount as the Sony NEX line, yet which has the look and feel of a traditional SLR. Though not the first manufacturer to take this approach, Sony is the first to achieve the low starting price point of $399 for both lens and body. However, to achieve that price point the company had to choose lower quality components for the LCD and electronic viewfinder (EVF).

While small mirrorless cameras have caught on in much of the world, adoption is quite low in the US, with most consumers preferring more substantial-looking cameras like Rebel-class and mid-range SLRs. If they’re going to spend several hundred dollars, the reasoning seems to be that most want something that looks like a professional camera. Superficially, the Sony A3000 is rather like the now-discontinued Panasonic G10, a low-priced mirrorless with an EVF and an LCD on the back, designed to ape, if not directly challenge Canon’s Rebel and Nikon’s D3000-series SLRs.

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20 thoughts on “Sony a3000 Full Review and Camera,Video Test

  1. If you have the power switch set to "ON" and remove the batteries, shutting it off, then reinsert them, does the camera come back on? Or do you need to manually flip the switch off and back on again?

  2. BREDREN?? You need to make more videos holy god almighty praise the Jah ! When I heard this I smiled so wide god bless you likkle bredren keep it up 🤩

  3. Nice review king. Big up unu self. Much love from belize 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

  4. its a very versatile camera. i have taken some really good pics with it. very sharp and clean but. the downfall with it is that it doesnt autofocus well in the dark especially when u want it to lock in on something specific. the big dotted box pops whenever it cannot lock in on the subject. all in all, it is a really good camera. i have used it at weddings, funerals, parties, outdoor events, etc.

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