Sony A1/ A1E OLED TV Unboxing + Picture Settings

We unbox the Sony Bravia A1 (also known as the A1E in the USA) OLED TV, & go through the user menu picture settings to see if there are any changes that are specific to OLED display technology.

Our review sample is the 65-inch version with model number Sony KD-65A1, but there is also a 55in size (KD-55A1).

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50 thoughts on “Sony A1/ A1E OLED TV Unboxing + Picture Settings

  1. Any TV without front speakers, is handcapped. It is like having our mouth at the back of our head.

  2. Hi Vincent have you got the proper calibration settings for this tv you would be a big help if you have thank you 😊

  3. I can only choose language from the setting menu in the Android area.. + I can't see the "signal strength" and I have drop-outs with ARC audio. resetting/updating did not solve any of this 🙁

  4. It says on the box for demonstration only sales are prohibited meaning it's a hand picked amazing TV set up as good as possible been opened checked the whole nine damn I wish it wasnt that way

  5. maybe a little wierd question, but still… I bought yeasterday a new sony tv. The first thing that a salesman told me is that they ran out of them…but then he checked again & said that they still have one in warehouse because one lady bouth only 1 instead of two (she made a reservation for 2). So my question is, how can I tell if the TV is originaly factory sealed and not the one that they have had as a distributive exhibit in store (and resealed)? I foud that I have two tapes, one on top of the other. The one on top is longer and winkled and even the box is on top a little bit torn…

  6. Are these picture settings appropriate for all media, ordinary Tv , blu ray , 4k player, Google play etc.

  7. Do all of the hdmi ports accommodate 4k material? If no, how do I know which ones are for 4k on Sony A1E?

  8. Hi,
    I have my DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K blu-rays collection from USA where I lived last 25yrs. Last year I purchased multi region OPPO-UDP 205. Currently I live in Moscow and about to buy KD 55 A1 here. Local broadcasting as you know goes on PAL/SECAM. So, my question is this: will European version of this TV be able to read my NTSC movies? Thanx for your help. By the way, I like your reviews,- pretty informative and helpful.

  9. Imagine what sonys X2 EXTREME processor will bring boggles our imagination, I'm sure they are creating it.

  10. I've had my Sony 65" A1E for almost a week now. What a fantastic picture! The only thing that finally made me take my ten year old Pioneer Kuro to the recycling center.

  11. Looks like a weird standerd to put it on, no ? Seems like you can't put the screen at a 90° angle on a tv-cabinet or am i wrong ?

  12. Great review, I have almost no idea what all this means but we just bought the 65" a1e and its picture is unreal, highly recommend this tv..

  13. I am watching this on my 65 inch Sony A1E OLED TV. I want to thank you for all you do for all of us. It was a tough decision for an average consumer but after watching your videos, I am confident I made the right choice.

  14. I posted a video for recommended settings for noncalibrated panels, go ahead and check it out I believe you will really like these settings if you're a gamer 🙂 (btw i'm not a youtuber advertising, I make no money on my videos I'm just trying to give others the best settings I've found after months of testing my A1E 🙂

  15. Thanks for posting your review!!! The best review of a TV I have come across. The explanation of the TV's features and how to configure them is excellent.

  16. Hi Vincent I was thinking about getting a new tv next year but not sure which one to get Best Buy has a Visio that does HDR for $599 but I may buy an LG but I not sure if I want Visio or LG IS Visio a good product? and can it really do HDR?

  17. Hi Vincent, need your advise I booked up Sony oled a1 but I m worried about screen burn or retention. It’s better to buy x930e or a1 is still good ? I will take your advise seriously and I wanted to let you know that I play a lot !

  18. I'm so confused with this video. I have a 55' version of this tv but i have no idea how to play movies and things off a HDMI port 1,2,3 or 4, it just plays through the main page. Please help!

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