Sony 55mm 1.8, Should you buy in 2020? I did… Sample Images

So I went and purchased the Sony 55mm 1.8 FE lens again in 2020 after selling it a couple years ago. This lens came out in 2013! Does it still hold up against some of the newer versions in the 50mm range?


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Gear I own:

Sony A7RIII x2
Sony 24mm 1.4 GM
Sony 55mm 1.8
Sony 85mm 1.4 GM
Sony 35mm 1.8
Tamron 17-28mm 2.8Canon 45mm 2.8 TS-E

This Review was filmed with:

Tamron 17-28mm 2.8
Rode Wireless GO Lapel Mic
Edited in Final Cut X on the iMac Pro

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44 thoughts on “Sony 55mm 1.8, Should you buy in 2020? I did… Sample Images

  1. I sold mine a year ago and really miss it too 🙁 . Many of my favourite and best work was shot on it. Really thinking of getting it again off the used market.

  2. I bought this lens used off eBay for about $600 a year ago… still use it and it was in awesome condition. I had the 50 F1.4, sold it and bought the 55 with enough leftover to buy the FE 85 1.8, that FE 85 is "budget" but it is ridiculously sharp or I lucked out and just got a really good copy.

  3. Does anyone know how this lens will perform on the older A7II? I don't care if it focus' slowly. I just need something to focus fairly accurate and to work decently well in low light.

  4. I was wondering if it was still worth it to get this lens now in 2020 and this video answered my question.
    i’ll be picking one up tomorrow!
    Thanks for the great review.

  5. Sold mine way back and bought the tamron 28-75 for a one lens set up. Kind of regret since I bought for a bargain (400 USD).

  6. Yes, some CA, but my only frustration with the lens is shooting at night and getting flare that is distracting and hard to avoid.

  7. Hi.. really good comparison videos u make… I had question… I own a7iii with 24-70 kit lens and sony 85 1.8.. Since 85 too tight bridal portrait during wedding… I was thinking buy samyang 45 1.8..
    Do u recommend 45 1.8 and later point time wider samyang 18 2.8..
    Buy samyang 35 or Sony 35 ?

  8. One of my favourite lenses – I think the 55mm 1.8 paired with the 20mm 1.8 is a wicked lightweight combo. Extremely versatile. Vlog, landscape, put into crop mode for street, 55 as your normal and then crop mode punch it to get 82.5mm for portraits.

  9. Whats up Chris.Great video by the way! If I'm shooting the new 35mm on an riii, does it make sense to have both of these lenses?

  10. Sony Zeiss 55/1.8 was my first Sony lens for my A73. Super sharp and love the look and feel of the lens. My next lens would be 20/1.8 by Sony. Glad if you can review it if possible.
    P.S. Love your photos Chris!

  11. May I ask, when the 55mm ZA changing aperture from f1.8 to f22, the noise when focusing become louder step by step, is it normal for this len?

  12. I have the 50mm macro takes really nice shot. World loves this lens should I add it even tho I have the 50?? A7 for me. Ty!

  13. Hi Chris, great review! Could you please consider making a video related to hybrid shooting? I'm really curious about that since I use Sony aswell!

  14. An update version with a button for AF on/off will be nice, aperture ring will be very nice, maybe a GM version !?

  15. Chris! How does the 55mm hold up in crop mode for getting extra reach ( 82.5mm), how does it compare to 85 f1.8, and does the 55mm approx. 2.8 wide open fstop ( in crop) effect bokeh blur? Great work as always for minimizing all the extra baggage we have to drag around at an event.

  16. its a lens I always wanted then I went & bought the Samyang 45mm .. a great lens & super cool getting another a7iii

  17. Thanks for all the brilliant videos! You have promised it several times, but when is the video explaining how to shoot both video and stills at weddings coming out?

  18. I have had one for years and it’s very soft! I don’t even use it anymore. My Batis 85mm is significantly sharper! Maybe there’s something wrong with mine?

  19. Some of the early lenses have been forgotten about with all the ridiculously priced G master lenses. The 55 1.8 was one of my first and i can't see myself selling it, it's sharpness is off the charts. I've also just purchased the 70-200 F4 G used and it's a great lens. UK consumers are being shafted by Sony on there prices. Tamron have bridged the gap somewhat but Sony still need to make more G lenses not G master.

  20. Just picked up the 55 today as a more travel friendly lens compared to my 85 F1.4. The sharpness wide open is incredible! My only problem with it is the hood is massive!

  21. 55 1.8 is the best ~50mm for E mount that has perfect balance among image quality weight size bokeh price AF. I hope there would be newer option that is also small light fast and giving the same or better image quality in the coming years.. but before that I will also stick around with my 2019-bought 55 1.8

  22. Can someone give me an advice?

    Im in between 35mm f1.8 fe and 55mm f1.8 ..and i can only purchase either one of these.

    Which lens should i get 1st? I'll use it for videography.

    Cheers from 🇮🇩

  23. Is there a way I can use your presets at a LUT for video …CTM universal is my favorite starting point for editing

  24. The 55 1.8 lives on my a7r3. I have quite a few GM lenses and amazing sigmas but the size of the 55 it is just perfect and quite versatile

  25. Shame on you for selling it a while ago…it's quite frankly the best lens in my bag for the size and quality it offers and I have sigma 105 f1.4, the 35 F1.2, Sony 24gm f1.4. Sony 90mm f2.8 macro and a few voigtlanders. honestly only my voigtlander 65mm f2.0 apo beats it but it's manual focus. That little 55mm is truly a gem

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