Sony 35mm f1.8 vs Sigma 35mm f1.4 | Best 35mm Lens for Sony

Sony 35mm f1.8 vs Sigma 35mm f1.4, which is the best 35mm Lens for Sony? It is a tough choice between these two.

Buy the Sony 35mm f1.8

Buy the Sigma 35mm f1.4

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22 thoughts on “Sony 35mm f1.8 vs Sigma 35mm f1.4 | Best 35mm Lens for Sony

  1. Why did you fumble on the blue shirt, sigma is in focus while to sony is not. Hard to evaluate considering that

  2. I'm a portrait photographer, and youtuber but photography pays me more lol, so i'll be grabbing the Sigma. The 2/3 stop of light, and better bokeh are winners for me. I have the Sigma 30mm for APS-C now and it's incredible. Thanks for the video man.

  3. Thanks for the video but I never understand why people will compare two lenses with different apertures and then compare photos from both lenses with both of them wide open. Why wouldn't you match the aperture to do a comparison? Your depth of field changes with different apertures so if you shoot one photo wider, then you're going to have blurriness in parts through no fault of the lens. Am I wrong about this?

  4. Is the chromatic aberration on the Sony so bad that I should not consider buying it? I shoot entirely video work, so can't just pop into lightroom to fix it. I have the Sony 35mm 2.8 (average lens), and new Sony 20mm 1.8 (which I love). I shoot video on the A7 III.

  5. I HATE WEIGHT. I HATE SIZE. With a mirrorless camera, the size and weight does matter a lot. I would thus never buy the key zooms for such a small mirrorless camera.
    My 55 mm is used most; so is the 28 2.8 Sony lens and the 18 mm 2.8 Samyang lens. However the 85 mm 1.4 usually stays home in 95% of all cases. I love the monster for its great quality, but I hate the volume and weight. I typically choose one lens, I mount it and shoot most of the day with that lens. Seldom I switch. I adapt to the lens, not the opposite. With my A7RIV I then have a pocket camera look, when travelling and visiting.
    62 M pixel allows for cropping; prime lenses too. 2.8 is OK because of IBIS.
    Of course this is valid for my private way of life, travelling with a family where all members are impatient. The 85 mm is reserved exclusively for portrait shots in my studio. But I regret this investment. I just keep it, because I have it.

  6. After owning the sony 35mm f1.8 for awhile now I'm definitely going to be selling the lens it's just not very sharp, yes it has a small form factor which is great but I've found the image quality to be actually very poor my sigma 35mm f1.4 is much much better even though the size and weight is not

  7. Nice video, even though the Sigma is on sale today at B&H for $599 i think i'm going to get the Sony. Wedding Videographer

  8. I went with Sigma at Xmas time because of the sale price and the firmware update that helps out the video AF and it's been great, but I still want the Sony for gimble work.

  9. Hey Marc, I wanted to ask how much of the aberation is reduced when you apply the chromatic aberation reduction in lightroom in the case of Sony?

  10. I already own the sony 35 f1.8 and quite enjoy using it. However, Sigma recently released a 35 f1.2, I recently considering getting either the sigma 35 f.14 or f1.2. Which one would you recommend?

  11. That was a great compare, Marc. I noticed that you also had the Sony/Zeiss 35 f2.8 – I would have liked to hear your thoughts on the difference between the two Sony lenses.

    Ideally, I wish that Sony had come out with a G or GM quality 35, either at F1.8 or at f1.4 . I would have snapped it up if it had been anything like their stellar 24 GM offering.

  12. Don't know what gear you are using to record, but this is the sharpest content I have seen on YouTube thus far. Keep up the good work!

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