Sony 28mm f2 – Lens Review, one of my FAVOURITE Sony lenses ever!

Sony 28mm f2 review! Today its all about the low cost, low weight, high… awesomeness lens the Sony 28mm f2

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28MM F2 RAW Downloads:

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This Review was filmed with:

Sony A7R3
Sony 16-35mm 2.8 GM
SmallHD Monitor
Rode NT-USB Mic
Edited in Final Cut X on the iMac Pro

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21 thoughts on “Sony 28mm f2 – Lens Review, one of my FAVOURITE Sony lenses ever!

  1. @6:27 I don't think one or the other (with or without polarizer) is better. There are certain elements I like the rendering of in each shot (filtered/unfiltered). I think it would be a good idea to blend the preferred elements of each image into a final composition – and get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

  2. Trying to decide to get this lens. Currently have sigma 35 1.4 for travel but so heavy. Want something smaller but worried about not getting enough bokeh from it. Do you have a gallery of images or anything to look through as there are hardly any photos on the net from someone good. Here is my site too if you wanted to look

  3. How quick is the AF when paired up with the A7II? This set up would be replacing my Contact G2 + 28mm. Would the AF be as fast?

  4. What filter are you using I am a beginning landscape photographer and I am realizing how important the ND filter really is

  5. The Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 for portraits and the Sony FE 28 f/2 for travel photography are the best value for money Sony FE lenses. Very sharp, bright and not expensive full frame lenses.

  6. Would you recommend this lens for video? I just switched from canon and had a 28mm which I loved. I mainly do video, does this have auto focus

  7. How does this do on A series Cameras ? and how does it stand up against the Apsc 35mm f1.8 ? Anyone ?

  8. It dropped to $450 on BH Photo now so the question is if you want to use a lens like this for Vlogging then would you choose this one or the Zeiss Battis 25mm F2? I'm ok with getting a Battis used if it's much better than the Sony 28mm. Thoughts?

  9. Cheap people love this lens .. I just don’t give me that wow factor like the 24-105 f4 does .

  10. Nice review. I too love my FE 28. My favorite two lens kit is this lens with the ZA 55 for walkaround, street and family shooting

  11. I’m selling my Sony A7III (with kit lens). Like new in original box with manuals and original accessories. Lemme know if you’re interested 👍🏼

  12. Great review man..I'm considering this lens for my trip to Japan in a couple of weeks…I've initially ordered the 24mm GM but that thing is out of stock every where and Amazon seems like it's not shipping it until the end of June so I need an alternative solution for a wide angle street photography lens…this video definitely helped me decide on getting the 28mm only concern is the sharpness of this lens but I might still get it…

  13. Don't like it for stills photography it's sharp middle and it's never nearly as good even stopped down on the edges. Distortion is high and so is CA.
    I bought a Minolta 28mm F2.8 and it blows the Sony away on full frame it's just sharper across the frame

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