Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ lens review with samples

This is the popular, and impressively small and feature-packed, kit lens for Sony mirrorless APS-C cameras. Its optics have a difficult reputation – let’s do some investigating.

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All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6300 camera.

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39 thoughts on “Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ lens review with samples

  1. Very good your videos! How do you achieve so much sharpness with such different lenses? This is incredible!

  2. Someone please explain me why do the extreme ends of the lense 16 & 50 mm are softer than the middle range?

  3. What is the maximum shutter speed on the Sony A6000? Mine is about 160 or 165, I want to know if that's the same with everyone's own cos i think that's not enough. NB: I'm a beginner

  4. I love this lens, it works really well⚍>ㅔ I was surprised at how long it was cause most 50mm arent that long. But it works great, as described. Really happy with this purchase.

  5. thanks for the great review.. question though.. how did you change the f-stop to f11 where the lense is only max out at f5.6? cheers…

  6. The little kit lens is a very useful lens. It is a perfect focal length for vlogging, and is a very versatile lens for riding a gimbal. Good review!

  7. If you get an a6000 with just the kit lens, might as well not get it because the iphone 11 takes better looking pictures

  8. I own sony a6000 and i am using the same lense, i am very happy with the picture and video quality, its best recommended for the beginner 😇

  9. Many people actually forget the fact, that we are talking about financially very $ cheap lens, so for the price it performs well. Very nice review.

  10. It's an ok lens. Good for travel to keep your kit compact. It's pretty good for 1080p video. It definitely does not bring out the best of my A6000 sensor. It's a handy lens to have but don't expect to be dazzled by it. Build quality is poor. I'll keep mine as it is useful at times.

  11. These things are selling for about $100 USD on eBay. Combined with the tiny size, I don't think it's a bad lens.

  12. I really like this lens, despite it's flaws. It's small, flat, lightweight and fairly sharp. Cheap too!

  13. The point about this lens to me is that it makes for a pretty incredible pocket camera. It's just tiny yet performs well in both photo and video with very few fatal weaknesses. EVERY SINGLE supposedly better lens than this one is 2, 3, 4, 5 times as big. And that just ruins the pocketability of the package. I mean, by all means, get a nice fast prime or a big old honking zoom, but I will still geek out at having a phenomenal capable camera that can get the shot making a small bulge in a coat pocket.

  14. Why does the Sony lenses (E PZ 16-50,18-105 f/4, 18-135, 16-70 f/4)have such bad corner sharpness & heavy distortion.

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