Somebody to you Compilation || Part #2 || Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends somebody to you Compilation part #2

Don’t touch here 👇

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29 thoughts on “Somebody to you Compilation || Part #2 || Mobile Legends

  1. Is hylos the son of Lord?? He should be the savior if he is the son.

    I think Hylos son of Lord, Leomord son of Hylos, Sabrina Daughter of Leomord.

    I think you guys don't know Sabrina
    Daughter of Leomord and Lunox!!

    And Leomord son of Hylos, Hylos is a Grandpa dor Sabrina!!😂😂

  2. omg i remembered something
    cecilion:*dies too*
    cecelion:if you die i die too

  3. When I use lesly in mobile legends I have a team like gusion in i said when she is in trouble
    Me.dont touch my gusion 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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