SNES Classic Usb Mod Add More Storage SNES/NES Mini

In this video I show you how to add a USB drive to your SNES Classic Mini! “this also works with the NES classic edition”

Left Angle USB OTG:


Download Hakchi2:


WARNING follow this tutorial at your own risk! When hacking or modifying anything you always run the chance of messing something up or breaking something!

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21 thoughts on “SNES Classic Usb Mod Add More Storage SNES/NES Mini

  1. I've used hundreds of these in my mods. Be advised: that dongle shown at 1:23 WILL NOT WORK. It looks correct. But just WILL NOT WORK. Furthermore, the one he IS Using today —they make another (what I call a squid cable) which has one less USB input—Because who needs 3, right? Well, that one DOES NOT WORK either. The exact one he is using today does work but I have had a substantial failure rate with them.

  2. These are pretty old videos. It's ridiculous to show how to add extra space with a flash drive to SNES Classic and begin from the beginning of the modding when more games are added to the machine. Those who seek the information have most likely already added games to the machine and have games ready awaiting in the Hakchi2 program. The tutorial should start from the situation when one already has many in the Hakchi2 program.

  3. u caught my interest dude.. lol one question im not exactly a fan of having plain folders on my main menu is it possible to display all 788 on the main menu…. (i kno its alot)

  4. I did everything you said in the video but when I connect the flash drive to the usb host drive then connect everything back up and power it on I don't get a please wait screen and I don't see any games that I put on the flash drive….. Is there something missing or do I have to do something to my flash drive? Can you please help? Thanks in advance

  5. I suggest this one:

  6. Just finally picked up my retro consoles and I look forward to hypothetically and theoretically utilizing your advice, for demonstration purposes of a thought experiment. **Carefully looks around for Nintendo Snipers and scurries away zigzagging into the misty night air.**

  7. When I plug my snes mini into my computer is says it cannot install the device because there is no software on it?

  8. Thank you for making these videos so well described. Also thank you for always providing links. Your my go-to for all kinds of rom tutorials and things!

  9. How do I get rid of the C8 Error?

    My snes classic is hacked. I previously tried to re-do the modded library I currently had and just have SNES Games. I put folders and all and right after the Hakchi logo, the C8 Error shows up and my system is bricked. It gets automatically bricked when I go into the "S" folder and choose it. If anyone can help me please let me know! Cuz I have to give back My computer to my cousin asap plz!

  10. for anyone coming back to this video, DO NOT BUY THE LEFT ANGLE ADAPTER. it is absolute trash. buy the one he shows in the picture.

  11. Hmmm I got a question I don’t understand why do u have an usb and having the hack G as you using the usb at the same time if the usb is already connect to the snes mini it’s so confusing

  12. What USB drive, and how many GB would I need to add the games for NES, and SNES Classic if I'm going to install them onto the system ?

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