Sand Planet [Animation Process Video]

process of the making of my sand planet fan animation ! ~

Finished Animation:

Song: 砂の惑星 Spacelectro Remix (please support spacelectro! ♥)
Song Link:

Duration: 33+ hrs
Software: Adobe Flash CS3 + After Effects
Recorder: Camtasia
Tablet: Wacom Bamboo Splash

~Thank you for watching~
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20 thoughts on “Sand Planet [Animation Process Video]

  1. This is amazing!
    You can really learn on how to animate stuffs by just watching the process of animators 😀

  2. I'm a beginner in animation and this actually helped a lot to understand the process of animation. Thanks

  3. I would have taken the same amount of time just to make a single frame that would look half as good as this 🙁

  4. wow this is so good! also this is the first japanese-techno song i like. usually i don't like them coz' they have vocals but with this one its fine somehow.

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