RUSH IS DEAD – BF1 New Game Mode

Rush is Dead, and here’s the new Battlefield 1 game mode that killed it. Sponsored by EA
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43 thoughts on “RUSH IS DEAD – BF1 New Game Mode

  1. "I'm sure by the time the final game comes out, more people would've played that"

    As far as 2019 goes….this is literally dead

  2. EA treats their consumers like shit. This is apparent in their sports franchises and most recently with swbf2. Even with the changes to swbf2 they have a ways to go. As content creators you are a bit closer to your peeps for good reason. Do not compromise that relationship for a few bucks in the short run. Making money is fine, but when you ask for money on patreon and still do commercial endorsements for companies with abusive consumer practices it feels like a smack in the face to those contributing to your patreon. At least for me… Love you guys, just consider this.

  3. Me personally I like this game mode played a lot of Conquest but I think this is my most favorite now and it's a good way to level up quick and most of everybody plays as a team and not separate from each other thank you and keep doing what you guys are doing you guys do a great job

  4. 6:39 pause here, look at te chat, "guys there's a boat" well shit thx I didn't see that fucking big ass dreadnaught that's about to land itself bud


  6. I prefer frontlines over Operations :/ i like the fact that they can take back what they lost and oush even further if you know the spirit operations as an attacker is a slogfest thats never worth it cause 80% of the time you lost the first 2 battalions in the first map and just left with one on the second map. But on frontlines you can atleast fight and push them back instead of waiting for the eventually attack or the eventual running between 10 snipers and trying to find a way through murder arches >.>. I have been on a team were we go pushed all the way back to our bombs, held them off and then pushed alll the way to their bombs and exploded one and then re did it again to get it. Needless to say to carve a victory from the defeat was pretty exciting 😛

  7. you know i dont really like conquest maps because its just kill the enemy and win with operations it makes you really want to punch through the lines or defend because your victory might affect the course of the war and even affect what map you are going to next

  8. I like when appstro (probably didn't spell it right) is alone but the other people in the crew are good too

  9. I like operations because there are so many moment where you can be at a sector and out of no where ambush bam you lose that sector

  10. I played a match defending on conquer hell. The attackers used 3 battalions and didn't take the first sector. 🙂

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