Risa's Blog – Favorite Season in Japan

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What’s your favorite season? In Risa’s first blog, you’ll hear her answer to that question and get a chance to experience real, natural Japanese with helpful subtitles! So check it out and be sure to leave a comment for Risa!

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26 thoughts on “Risa's Blog – Favorite Season in Japan

  1. I know that this is an old video but, can you please write "what's your favourite season" in romaji? 🙁
    I'm a beginner and I can't understand what she's saying

  2. You are amazing Risa. You really have a good voice and I must say that you have a pretty face too. Please keep on posting your viedos. You are an awesome teacher and you speak english as good as japanese !!!

  3. I would love to meet you. You are very intelligent and sweet, and super "kawaii" 🙂 I have been learning Japanese since last year

  4. Risa, my name is Seth. There is something that I really need to ask. Risa, will you be my Japanese teacher? I really need one. I have kept my Japanese up though and yes I have an account with Japanesepod101 but, I can't pay premium + now and I really need a Japanese tutor that can help me to grow my Japanese long ways. I have been trying to find a tutor for years but I have no luck what so ever. Do you have Line or skype that I can add u? I perfer Line or Facetime more.
    Bye and thank you. I hope that I can ear back from you soon.
    My Line ID is seth-48

  5. りさ、とても可愛いですね。りさの話を聞きながら日本語聴解を練習していますね。

  6. Wow..!  White day…!  interesting and beautiful custom, I understand your feelings about losing someone, in December I Iost my wife of destination and I suffered a lot by this, but life goes on, thanks for your class japanes video are very good, Greetings and cheers…!

  7. It looks like she is my new favorite! 🙂 I managed to catch everything without looking at the subtitles but… If I had to do a Video blog like this… that would be painful to listen to. 😀

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