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Here is my Reworld board game review. Review copy was provided by the publisher.
Look below to skip to each section of the video:

Positive Review Points – 13:20
Neutral Review Points – 20:06
Negative Review Points – 25:03
Variability – 26:33
Player Count – 28:08
Conclusion – 29:52

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10 thoughts on “Reworld Review – JonGetsGames

  1. I think the issue with the points for the Terrabots is two-fold: 1. The first half of the game which is so significant would be LITERALLY 'point-less', so at least you're getting SOMETHING for the first hour of the game. 2. Having to set up colonies in the second half of the game begins with having one of these bots or else you have nowhere to put all the factories, so getting them early means they come out late which can really hamper your plans, so getting them later sets you up better for the colonization easier hence the fewer points. This is what I can gather from our plays of the game.

  2. Intriguing game, but yes, the lack of variability has been a frequent comment. Great review. I really want to super like this game, but overall it is just a bit too slightly over "programmed" possibly, but I would definitely play.

  3. This game reminds me a lot of Asara. The using cards to get tiles, and having restrictions based on number, our birth present in that game as well. It's almost like someone took Asara and added on to it.

    If you haven't checked out the tower game, if you get a chance to play it you'll see what I mean.

  4. Another great review! Really appreciate the well rounded and thoughtful analysis. Glad I upped my Patreon and am looking forward to next video!

  5. Great review as usual, glad you announced you're getting back at full speed for these!
    I don't like the dark palette of these tiles even though it makes sense for the space theme I guess…
    The game looks really like a lot of fun though!

  6. I really like your video reviews. Everything explained very clear, including game mechanics and pros and cons. May I ask what camera setup do you use when explaining the game rules (top view)? Thank you!

  7. This game looks really dope. I like how it's actually two different games, where the first game feeds into the second game. This seems to create a really neat strategic dynamic!

    Also, it's pretty interesting how many similarities the "first game" (parts gathering) has to Kiesling's newest game, Azul.

  8. I never heard of this one. Sounds like a game my wife may like. Thanks again for the vid! Please sub back and thank YOU!!

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