PUBG on PS4… Unboxing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds + Gameplay

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has FINALLY arrived to PlayStation 4. Unboxing the physical disc version, custom painted Dual Shock 4 and Xbox One PUBG limited edition controller. First solo Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
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Controller custom paint by Undead Gaming.


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46 thoughts on “PUBG on PS4… Unboxing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds + Gameplay

  1. It is me or is this just the mobile version with better graphics because all the sounds are the same and everything works the same

  2. Can you give me these please? I love this games I have a WiFi of other house I can play in have a LED t.v please I always watch you love from BanglaDesh where these games are so rich my dad says no to this game. I support you a lot. Ah I wish I had this game 😤❤ my dream game I wanna play this once 🙂 please give me that you have so money and so games what's your loss here? I support you everytime. Supporting you since you not grown that much. Now you're so rich and you have fame but I can't afford this game. Badly I need this. I watch your videos from BANGLADESH. With other house WiFi. Please give me this game set 🙂 and don't worry if you can't I'll never be sad. I'll support you till my death and I'm alive. I love you so much brother ❤

  3. i really wish i can play pubg but i dont have a phone or console or wifi box if i had one i would really be happy especially ps4

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