Otaku's Fantasy 2! Recycled Animations!

Man i dont know why im playing this again, its not even a game its a visual novel with controls. And the text is so broken and strange. Thats what makes it “Charming.”
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This is a novel RPG, you’ll not be acting as a invincible worrior like others, you’ll be mortal. Hell, you are less than mortal. Hoping to end in happiness and be legendary, the MC is at the same time, weak and spineless.

But one day, a portal opened for appearantly no reason, evils poured in – the devil who wants to rule the world, slime princess that’s acutally kinda cute, blood-thirsting succubus, fox of mystery and sexy mermaids. Humans were in shock and had no clue how to get rid of them, the whole world is in chaos.

There’s your chance! Go for it! You went into the mountains but recklessly slipped and fell to the bottom of a pit. When you woke up, a sword appeared from nowhere and tell you ‘You are the one who’s gonna save the world!’

“But can I?” You wondered. You eagarly turn your sword to the pretty monstress and it turned out nothing’s changed. The monstresses were still deadly and killed you instantly.

Huh? I thought I died!
What’s this place? Why am I still alive?
After died a couple of times, you realized that you cannot die.

The monstresses had killed you over and over again, but you got stronger in the process. The mankind is for me to save! Charge!

PS.Trading Cards and Achievements will come out with the final version.
The developers describe the content like this:

Nuidity or Sexual Content, Non-Consensual Sex, Explicit Sexual Acts, Adult Only

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2 thoughts on “Otaku's Fantasy 2! Recycled Animations!

  1. I think you're right. This game must have been written by a sentient sex robot. That's a fucked-up robot.

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