Nimzowitsch's Blockade 👊 Middlegame Masterclass – IM Bill Paschall (The Chess World)

Stuck trying to understand the middlegame? 🤔 IM Bill Paschall explains all the fundamental middlegame principles you need to know to master this complex area of the game. Get instant access with 35% off. ►

It is not a secret that majority of the games are decided in the middlegame. Nevertheless, most chess players focus on everything else but not on the middlegame itself. They study openings, drill tactics and memorize the theoretical endings…

Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on something that actually decides most of the games? Indeed. But there is a problem…

While openings and tactics are relatively easy to train, the middlegame is very different. It’s not enough to just solve many problems or to memorize the lines… Things get harder, because most pieces are still on the board. There are a multitude of positions that can arise, so many, in fact, that simple memorization just isn’t a viable option. To become a strong middlegame player you need to have a good grasp on the fundamental principles.

Enter IM Bill Paschall to help you master the middlegame! In this video, a preview of his full course, Bill talks about the chess strategy of the blockade, an idea pioneered by Aron Nimzowitsch in his famous book, My System and in a two-part monograph called The Blockade.

Nimzowitch wrote, “By blockade we mean the mechanical stopping of an enemy pawn by a piece. This mechanical stoppage is achieved when one’s own piece stands immediately in front of the pawn to be blockaded.” So important was this idea, that he created a rule – Bloackade every pawn that shows the slightest inclination to advance. Blockade every passed pawn, every portion of the center, every quantitative or qualitative majority.

Bill explores this strategy by closely analyzing a game played by Nimzowitsch himself in Karlsbad 1911 against Georg Salwe, and exploring how the famous player stepped away from the classical principles of chess with new and revolutionary ideas, many of which are still considered useful today.

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