NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Highlights | 2020 College Football All Star Game

For those that are confused about the rules here they are:

The game utilizes some special rules. As of the 2018 edition, a kickoff starts each half (per normal rules), while the second and fourth quarters begin with the team that kicked off the half starting with a first-and-ten at their 25-yard-line. Also, a team trailing by 20 or more points retains possession of the ball following a score

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20 thoughts on “NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Highlights | 2020 College Football All Star Game

  1. The rules are a little different for this bowl game, possessions change each quarter regardless of down. I can't believe we are down to just one more bowl game next Saturday with the senior bowl. You can expect daily draft profiles up until April 23rd. I will also be covering the XFL (depending on how strict they are with footage) all the televised spring games and a lot of college baseball this year as well. I will also be mixing in season highlights and classic matchups. There will be videos every day until next season. I hope this makes the football offseason go by just a little quicker.

  2. Jason Huntley! Most Rushing yards on the National Team! Hope he goes pro especially since NMSU football is bad.

  3. Hmm how long this been going on. Nice to see other seniors from other programs getting some last minute exposure. Looks like they’re in Pasadena so hopefully it gets more exposure

  4. You know it's low budget when they don't have names on the jerseys. …no fans either. ..but it's football so I'll take what I can get…

  5. Will you have more HBCU games next year as well? No one is close to your amazing content. Thanks in advance! Well done my guy!

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