My Top 5 Favorite Sony A6000 Lenses

Here is my list of favorite lenses for the A6000:

➥Primary Camera:
➥Backup Camera:
➥Vlogging Camera:
➥Wish List Full Frame Camera:
➥My Favorite Prime Lens:
➥My Favorite Wide Angle:
➥My Favorite Portrait Lens:
➥My Favorite Walkaround Lens:
➥50mm Lens:
➥Camera Batteries:
➥Audio Recorder:
➥SD Card:

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31 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Sony A6000 Lenses

  1. I love when first world people number their camera worries and getting it mugged is not one of them.

  2. I’m looking at 2 lenses for now… prob the 16mm sigma and the __ ? I was thinking the sigma 56, but my camera is a 6400… so no stabilization – maybe the Sony 50 is a better option for that reason. My use for this set up is I want to record YouTube vids for my channel, but also want to do family/scenic photography. Thoughts?

  3. The reason I bought the a6000 is that professional photographers seem to all own it and use it all the time… despite having other cameras

  4. I'm gonna buy 16 1.4, 30 1.4 and for now I'm saving money for 85 1.8 (already I have 18-105 f4)- I hope it'll be worth it 😀

  5. Travel in Japan, bring A6600.
    Travel in USA, bring A6000.
    If you lost it in Japan people would bring it to the police station. In USA they're releasing criminals out of prison and the streets are filled with thugs and Weinsteins.

  6. What do you recommend for wildlife photography? I have the Sony Alfa 6000 and I’m looking for a decent lens. Thanks

  7. I have this camera. It won't send pictures to my phone. I wish it was easier to use. Can you help?

  8. I still use the SELP1650 kit lens, it has 3x zoom, but it is noisy when zooming in/out. Is there a more silent alternative for that lens? Thanks!

  9. Arther you are awesome I have watched all your videos trying to make a decision on what lens to get for a6400 (about to buy that one based on your recommendation). I am a musician wanting to shoot pro looking music videos (and also some vlogging). I have narrowed down to Sigma 16 (your favorite) vs Sony 18-105 (a lot of other peoples favorite if they had to choose one). I can't seem to decide!! You don't mention Sony 18-105– why is that? It has stabilization, and will also offer greater zoom if I need it right? The Sony 18-105 also does not get any bigger so stays balanced on Gimbal which seems nice. The auto zoom is cool too, zooming in consistently for a smooth zoom automatically and teh Sigma doesn't do that, right? But I like the wider angle and beautiful shots of the Sigma. Maybe I don't need that much zoom that the Sony offers and Sigma lacks?? Or maybe it would be nice to have? For music videos, what do you think? Depending on the video, I would use it in a variety of ways (indoor, dark shoots, outdoor shoots, etc.) so looking one lens that does it all! I like lots of movement in music videos so stabilization is probably important and a gimbal seems mandatory with the Sigma since it lacks stabilization and the 6400 does not have it either. I can just plan on always using the gimbal, but if I didn't have the gimbal with me, I may be screwed, so perhaps the Sony is better to be sure I am covered there.What do think would be best for me?

  10. I want get a married you for adding this video on Youtube God bless you for make A massive jobe for us thx 😉

  11. Hey Arthur, I realize this vid is a bit old but I recently bought an a6k to see if I liked shooting and it's been fantastic so far (thanks for all the helpful vids). One question, since I intend to move forward and continue shooting, is your list of lens still valid or would you change your top 5 at all? If you have time, I'd love to get your input, you've done me right so far! Cheers, keep posting and I'll keep watching.

  12. Can you recommend a lens for nature / Forrest / landscape? I have a second channel for doing wild camping and bushcraft in woods and Lake Districts and I want to find a great lens to do it justice, thanks in advance to any suggestions.

  13. Thanks! I don't like my FE 50mm f1.8 by Sony is there enough light…I like kit lens 16 50 with amazing deep to field…even f5.6…may be 85mm is the best for portrait…

  14. but no display you dont have a flip screen so better use a sony 5100 😀 but hey dont worry the 6000 is great too. If you want to spend more fore 90% of the same things the sony 5100 can do and have no flip screen

  15. but let’s say I decided to go Sony… do you think going a6400 (no IBIS)with the 10-18mm wide lens since that has the stabilization… or go with the 6600 and get the 16mm since the 6600 has IBIS … both come out to same price… 6600 doesn’t have a flash though.. is that important? But I do like the f1.4 for it

  16. I’m a bit confused about the 50mm. What is the difference between the (not so good) full frame version and this one?
    I can’t find it anywhere. I would appreciate your answer. And thanks for all your great videos!

  17. The Elian hotel in San Antonio is awesome! I love that location. If you’re still in SA man, I’d love to go out shooting with you sometime. My insta is @kevinreyesphotography

  18. which would be better a nikon d5500 and nikon 35mm 1.8g or go for the sony a6000 and the sigma 30mm 1.4 . which would give the sharpest and betteer image quality? for photography?

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