Marble Race (Early Access) – A Hamsterball/Marble Madness Like Game (No Commentary)

So I was browsing through steam and I came across this game. I normally don’t follow early access games as the end result doesn’t usually turn out well but this one looked very promising, because Hamsterball is one of my childhood games I decided to give it a go. Honestly, this is pretty decent for an early access game but I have a few gripes with it:

1. The Music: There’s only one song that plays throughout the entire tournament and can get pretty irritating after a while. I would love to see a wide variety of different songs.

2. Spawn locations: I was so used to how Hamsterball would place you to the nearest area you died at. Here that’s not the case, I had a hard time getting through the final race just so I can slowly make it past the U shaped obstacles, but hey I guess that’s part of the challenge? There’s also some glitches where the marble will spawn off the edge of the platform (as seen in 9:10 ), that could be cause for a concern.

3. The Menu: This wasn’t much of an issue but I still need to stress this. I had a hard time getting into the game due to the mouse cursor not appearing and letting me choose between keyboard or mouse. The workaround for getting the mouse cursor back is to open the options menu and then close it again.

Overall, this game has potential and I hope we get to see more updates in the future!

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  1. I noticed a lot of you wanted the download link to this game, so here it is:

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