Marble Ball Challenge Game out of Cardboard DIY

Take a challenge to run all marble balls from top to bottom and in all way back! Tilt, push/pull, twist and scroll skills required. It is a fun and challenging toddler game from 3yo and up. This easy to make cardboard game is a nice do it yourself project.

Printable PDF Template:

Save on a hot glue with big Bulk glue box

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20 thoughts on “Marble Ball Challenge Game out of Cardboard DIY

  1. This is really creative!! I'd love to try to make one with my son!! He would be so thrilled! Great share and big like new friend!

  2. Aww Mann u Guys are the best when it comes down to great ideas🎯would love to play with all your gadgets one day!!

  3. I used to make these as a kid with my sister. Was so interesting to watch you make it. I never was able to make something this creative. Great job

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