Make Windows Look Better | Elegant Clean Look 2020 | Easy Windows 10 Customization

Customize your desktop with this Elegant and Professional Windows 10 Theme in 2020. In This Tutorial I’ll show you how to Simplify your desktop with Rainmeter and Nexus Dock.

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Right-click on the skin – Settings – Position – On Desktop
This will block the widget from coming over a window!

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Good Luck!

I am NOT the owner of the skins used in this theme!
All the credit goes to their respective owners.
Above are the links to original skins.


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29 thoughts on “Make Windows Look Better | Elegant Clean Look 2020 | Easy Windows 10 Customization

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  2. Here is the zip file (Aqui está o arquivo zip):

  3. widgets are not so clear. looks kind of blurry. is there an option to change the resolution so the widgets look more crisp?

  4. Thanks!
    Looks amazing and didn't have problem at all, I red some comments and I really recomend you to have the download links a little less hidden because some people won't search for them when it's totaly worth it

  5. I cannot enter the folder that is in the configuration file "Past Mond Here", It tells me that the folder on the disk was not found

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