Make a Game Cartridge Hard Drive

If you’re anything like me you have remnants of old technology strewn all around you, and as you may know from watching other videos on my channel I love transforming old things into new. This episode from Switch & Lever is no different. Follow along on the journey of making hard drives from old Nintendo cartridges.

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Ozzed – A Well Worked Analogy

Doctor Turtle – Flush Your Rolex
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Doctor Turtle – Johna’s Message for New York
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Doctor Turtle – Hypocritopotamus
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Rolemusic – A Ninja Among Culturachippers
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47 thoughts on “Make a Game Cartridge Hard Drive

  1. i thought you will make the catridge with an hd to run the games in the console as we done to the ps2

  2. interesting,i found few seller on my local online shop selling NES Cartridge shells with various colours and you inspired me to transform my 2 External HDDs! thank you!

  3. I actually have that same seagate drive that's in the NES cart. Maybe I'll try this with my Spy vs. Spy cart.

  4. Maby, in the gameboy cartridge, you could've fitted a microdrive or something to keep it in line of the other 2 you have done? I dont know if this would fit in it but it would be nice to try though 🙂

  5. You ordered that sata connector on aliexpress, where you can also buy repro replacement parts which is still cheaper than the cheapest NES game.

  6. Cool if u make old nes a pc. Can load all has Rom on that has hard drive. U can put in nes like u do with new game. All game rom will pop. up

  7. Симпатично конечно….. но это самое странное и неудобное использование коробок от картриджей.

  8. Why not do one w/ a GBA cart? Then you can use it w/ a DS/DSlite game case! For storage, that is…

  9. The Gameboy one, you could've just rotated the flash drive down, that way you could've used the original USB contact and not had to do any soldering.

  10. With this video I can make a cartridge that my brother likes and mail it as a birthday gift! thanks for sharing this good sir

  11. I tried this with an authentic Little Sampson before watching the video, that might’ve been a mistake 😅

  12. Awesome video, I will be doing this myself to an NES cartridge! Is there anywhere I can get the file of the sticker you put on it?
    Greetings from Holland

  13. You could've easily fit a Sata SSD with the casing removed. usually SSD's aren't even half the size of the shell it's in, but that's only for the new ones. just make sure to get a plastic SSD (metal SSD's use the metal for cooling, so maybe cut the SSD shell back) and you just pull the case off and stick it in one of those USB 3 enclosure boards

  14. Would be a good idea to recycle an old games console into a nice dock for these drives

  15. This is a much more professional way than my method which was to remove the board, then use double sided foam tape to mount a high volume USB drive.

    Or, get a replacement/repro cart and label. While there's a lot of cheap games, I'm one of those people that don't like ruining any legit game. Even the really shitty ones.

  16. I'm a bit of a preservationist but why use an original cartridge, destroy the game and the label?
    If you really must do this there are plenty of aftermarket carts out there.

  17. You can fit a standard 2.5 inch HDD without any need for soldering in both a NES and snes case. You've done the NES cart the wrong way round.
    You can also order empty cart shells if you don't want to damage old games.

  18. Does the cartridge work for vr? Im working on a project and was wondering if it could work with vr like adding a game which is vr by using unity for the cartridge

  19. Absolutely avoid hot glue, because depending on your solder its melting point might be very close to the point where hot glue would mechanically secure the part but also weaken the solder join. If you did a good job soldering it will hold metal to wafer much much better than hot glue (which tends to pop off smooth surfaces at the slightest flex) ever could.

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