Looking Back – Episode #1 Sony A200, A57, A7II

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9 thoughts on “Looking Back – Episode #1 Sony A200, A57, A7II

  1. A200 is also my first DSLR. I love it so much and still use it now when I need to travel light. Now quite happy with my A77ii, don't know when will change to mirrorless.

  2. Nice music great bass.
    You have to use certain s/w like to Capture one or Irident to get the image sharpest from XT2 that are comparable to the images obtained from A7II.

  3. ich hab auch die fuji probiert, aber gegen meine a7r2 ist der output eher lächerlich, obwohl mir als kamera selbst, die xt2 besser gefallen würde. Auch finde ich die fuji optiken zu teuer, sind ja nur cropp mit der option, sie nie an vollformat verwenden zu können.

  4. Thanks for your information it was very helpful.
    Yes SONY lenses are very expensive and its a big problem for me us a SONY user (a3000 & a 58). I use some vintage lenses as helios 44-2 58mm ,yashica 50mm 1,9 ,soligor wide auto 28mm 2,8 etc with adapters with a few interesting results, but a have lost my digital conects.
    I thing minolta af lenses from 90s & 00s are a good way to have digital conections if is necesary sometimes!!.

  5. Great video! Enjoyed hearing your journey and look forward to more. I have an a6000 & a6300 and love them but all my glass for the most part is adapted legacy glass. The XT2 looks like a fantastic camera. I'm holding out to see what Sony does but if I could afford it I'd get an XT2.

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