Kevin Durant's EPIC 50 Point-Performance In Game 6 | April 26, 2019

Behind Kevin Durant’s NBA Playoff career-high 50 points (15-26 FG, 6-14 3pt FG), 6 rebounds and 5 assists, the Warriors defeated the Clippers tonight in Los Angeles 129-110. The Warriors win the series 4-2 and advance to the Western Conference Semifinals where they will face the Houston Rockets. With his performance:

• Kevin Durant is the 6th player in NBA Playoff history to score 45+ points in consecutive postseason games (Michael Jordan 3x, Jerry West, Bernard King, Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook).
• Durant is the 4th player in Warriors’ franchise history to record a 50-point game in the NBA Playoffs (Wilt Chamberlain 4x, Rick Barry, Eric “Sleepy” Floyd).
• Durant and Damian Lillard (50 points vs. Oklahoma City on April 23) become the first pair of players to record 50+ points in series-clinching games in the same NBA Playoffs.

Which players owned the night? Catch up on all the top individual performances around the league in the Top Performers series.

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42 thoughts on “Kevin Durant's EPIC 50 Point-Performance In Game 6 | April 26, 2019

  1. This guy needs to realize that scoring 30 as the "Man" is about 5 × harder than dropping 60 as a plug-in-to-the-system player.

    As the "Man" he hasn't proven a thing
    As a "snake" he's proven he don't mind crappin on anybody to get what champs earn. #GROW #FEARGOD #JAKEROJASISTELLINGTRUTH

  2. This man had 44pts with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, actually 46, i dont acknowledge anybody else as being better than KD in the NBA anymore, he could have easily dropped 80 if he was going hard the rest of that post season close out game, he plays with Curry & Klay who still took their regular amount of shots, UNBELIEVABLE the lying and hate from these losers on this man, lol.

  3. Somebody told me if Kevin Durant has a bad shooting night it’s because he was just missing not because he was defended well…I honestly couldn’t argue

  4. i'm not a warriors fan but if just klay(not kd) was healthy the whole time the warriors would've easily won
    but if both were healthy the warriors would've murdered and swept the raptors ass

  5. Deadliest Players ever
    Masked Kyrie
    3rd quarter Klay
    Hoodie Carmelo
    4th quarter Kobe
    Playoff LeBron
    Playoff Rajon Rondo
    Pissed of KD

  6. Is it me, it does it seem like sports media forgets this guys a 2x nba champion, it’s almost like it never happened or he doesn’t get any credit 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. It’s crazy how unstoppable he is offensively. Yet he can’t carry a team with little help, and that takes away from his greatness.

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