Is the Sony A5100 Worth Buying in 2019?

Is the Sony A5100 WORTH IT IN MID 2018? Today we’re going to continue our camera search and check out the 4 year old A5100. This camera has the rare Sony feature of having a flip out screen. We all want it but the newer Sony cameras apparently refuse to have the coveted flip out screen. So lets check out the last of the flip screened Sonys!

Sony A5100

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25 thoughts on “Is the Sony A5100 Worth Buying in 2019?

  1. I need a camera for YouTubing. The video will be dealt with the tech stuffs and video will be shooted in a studio environment with full lights.
    Will this camera gives better video quality on that environment?

  2. What’s your take between the 5100 and the new ZV1 and then compared to the 6100 for about the same price as the ZV1. For use as a top or B camera, would love your take

  3. I think a5100 is ok, but clearly not perfect at all. The display is really a pain in the sun. Also the dial and button are not very reliable, had surprising problems in the cold. Missing ext. Flash option will also prevent some adv. Uses like macro. Sony need to create an update, incl. this and e.g. 4k video, in-cam focus stacking, etc.

  4. 2 question: 1 what kind of camera glasses that u using it any vid on that .. 2nd what kind of telepromter that u using for sony 5100 ? thank you !

  5. I always wondered how do you guys always know what to say so perfectly. And now i see. What ia that machine called?

  6. welp it’s officially 2020 and I’m looking for a simple camera to take pictures and record some videos to make montages. and this seems promising but if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

  7. I need help .. I buy sony a5100L , but i don’t know how to connect with my Iphone 6+ to send videos and photos to phone. Can it possible this?

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