In Total Desperation Mark Bussler and Classic Game Room Begin Spamming Pen, Paper and Eraser Reviews

After I put this up I realized that while I edited my voice to be fine, Mark is super quiet, its not a super important part of the video so sorry about that, it is what it is, nothing I can do, but I digress.

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25 thoughts on “In Total Desperation Mark Bussler and Classic Game Room Begin Spamming Pen, Paper and Eraser Reviews

  1. A lot of Mu small catchphrases I picked up from CGR. Mark was a great figure for me to watch in YouTube during high school. I bought my fsvoueite Wii controller after a cgr review. But my fsvourite Mark moments actually had nothing to do with games. He did a video called slug disco, his Dog had some videos called viral dog, they had heyzous the coked up chicken, and let’s never forget: lord karnage

  2. I really loved the CGR's format, it had this great chill vibe to it and a good production quality for the time, but it's just sad to see what's happened to it. Even a lot of the new videos despite not interesting me are just taken in portrait view on a mobile phone…

  3. Actually there is a reason why his comic/pen/eraser videos are a minute long and in that stupid vertical video format. It's because he's primarily making this content…. for Tiktok (remember: Tiktok vids are 1 minute long max and are always vertical because mobile app). Seriously. He's not even getting views there either (in fact he's somehow getting more views on YouTube despite all this 🤣).

  4. As a fellow artist I can appreciate him talking about the Mono zero 2.3 mm and it's ultra perfectionist uses.

    But NO ONE except other artists will have even heard of that thing. you won't find it anywhere but ADVANCED art supply stores. and there are channels for artists that post like 6 minute in depth, professional videos that give 20x more info than that. and those channels SPECIALIZE in art, not being video game channels that suddenly switched to art.

    Clearly either A. he's just trolling or B. more like he's just throwin' these together while working on comics, because he can. Comics are his focus now, so the channel doesn't matter. why he bothers to do anything then, IDK.

  5. Remember there was a third CGR channel? They had a green logo and a really clueless girl as host.

    What was the name of that one?

  6. Well to be fair the channel did start saying they are on a mission to review EVERYTHING. So guess pen and paper is everything. Maybe eating food and the turd it creates will be reviewed someday.

  7. you should go see what he wrote on his website …apparently he's done making content 'cause of and I quote ''After numerous struggles with video distribution via YouTube and Amazon, combined with relatively poor viewership and content theft, Mark was no longer able to devote the time required to produce Classic Game Room‘s edited content and chose to instead focus on publishing, drawing, art and design. CGR Publishing currently publishes more than 100 print and digital books, 2000 clothing, wall-art and kitchen products, documentary films, and much of the Classic Game Room catalog on physical media.'' you can still buy his dvd's of cgr reviews on there

  8. It's amazing how much unanimous and consistent negative feedback Mark can take from longtime fans without apparently even thinking for a moment about changing course. It would be one thing if he just announced that he was done with CGR for good and started up a second channel, but this just keeps his old fans hoping for absolutely no reason. The last 3 years or so of CGR videos (the entire Intergalactic Space Arcade/"please buy my comics" era and beyond) was straight up trash, but they continue to stick around because it was good once. Instead of having the decency to just tell everyone what he's doing and ask them to check out his new ventures, he strings along his fanbase with near total radio silence.

  9. I don't know what to think of Mark. I remember first getting into his game reviews just because he seemed easy going and had a sense of humor from someone who grew up in the 80's and 90's. But when you think about his work "collectively" you wonder if he even enjoyed video-games in the first place. Toward the end the passion just wasn't there. I especially remember his KOF 14 review and it was like "Well, it's like other fighters and if you like fighters you'll like this!". Just completely "Dude,c'mon did you just say that?" And now he's reviewing pens and paper types? Does Mark even seem like the kind of guy who cares about that stuff? I've "never" seen him draw before. I mean maybe those T-shirts he's selling are his own designs but I'm gonna have to press the doubt button on that. Least he has a "new" winning quote! "Erasing,it's like the opposite of drawing!" ~Mark (Facepalms)

  10. It's amazing to me that his supporters say that the algorithm is the reason his channel sucks now. The dude has over 400K subscribers, and can't even get 1% of them interested enough to even CLICK on his videos.

    That's not the algorithm's fault. That's because his videos are absolute garbage now, and he does everything in his power to confuse the subscribers he still has. Look at all the comments from people that are STILL confused as to what's even going on with the channel. Those are current subscribers, but I guess that's the algorithm's fault too?

    Mark is a beautiful trainwreck, and his remaining supporters have Stockholm syndrome.

  11. If you listen to Pat the NES Punk's podcast with Mark Bussler and ReviewTechUSA it gives some insight into how much these people put into making a career out of YouTube, including all their frustration with dealing with YouTube as a platform

    That said, seeing Mark resort to this seems incredibly cynical and even disrespectful to his fans. Although I never liked him much, I can at least sympathize with someone who made a career out of doing stuff like this suddenly faced with extinction.

    But this is him trying, in the laziest way possible, to squeeze blood from a stone by milking adcents like an entitled scumbag

    It honestly just makes me have even more contempt for his stupid three pack a day radio dj voice and his stupid jokes

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