How To SUCCEED in the Overwatch League | The SCIENCE….of Esports | The SCIENCE . . . of Esports

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How you ever wondered what makes a “Pro Gamer”? Is it their skills? Their dedication? Or is it simply the way they are wired? Today Theorists, Austin is going to teach you about the SECRET behind the professional gaming success!!

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42 thoughts on “How To SUCCEED in the Overwatch League | The SCIENCE….of Esports | The SCIENCE . . . of Esports

  1. Now I see why I used to be good at bo2 then when I switched to world of tanks and tried to go back to cod I was horrible

  2. I got a question maybe a video idea if somebody plays one game and is good at it then switches to another game depending on how similar the two games where will they be able to use the muscle memmory from the first game in the second game?

  3. This whole video boils down to “ tap into gamer ultra instinct” a gamer instincts if you will

  4. I used to feel pretty good about myself as a gamer but now i question how good i am cuz my reaction time is 284 at best

  5. YEAH, and hitscan fps’s are WAY more fun than games with dumb ballistics. Like far cry 4 has hitscanning, while bullets in far cry 5 travel agonisingly slowly. Thats why far cry 4 still rocks way more than far cry 5

  6. Austin, I too suck at team games, but if you want to do more dmgs, play as defenders, like bastion. (he is great for doing lots of dmgs)

  7. My school is having an Esports team next year, but because it's under the sports category the team has to sign a concussion form.

  8. Wait so ultra instinct would basically be that your eyes have its own brains instead of using your own brain

  9. That is why my best weapon in video games and competitive speaking is anticipating. If you can get autistic enough to "feel the flow" (say: the same thing in a poker game or blackjack, if you can calculate the possible remaining cards). I for one know when I'm playing a game whenever it's shifting. Say you usually defend a point and everyone comes from the front but for some reason there's less enemies in front for a longer period of time then you'd know they're going to flank. (Moira main speaking, also applying for Lucio) If you're a healer and you see the opposing team advancing as hell you know your team is having a hard time so you jump into massive healing without even having to look at your teammates health, but if your own teammates are starting to advance you know they're in good shape and are ready for the offensive so it's time to strike. Also, one of the reason why I despise the next update, having to lock in one of the roles (healer/DPS/tank) I can't change the direction of the flow properly. I just gave a great example of a healer's perspective but I'm MOSTLY A DPS MAIN, out of my 11 main heroes (Pharah, Moira, D.Va, Hanzo, Orisa, Lucio, Ashe, Mei, Sombra, Widowmaker, the old Symmetra and somewhere in between Sigma(if he's good as I think he'll be)) 7 of them are DPS heroes and I absolutely know when my team is lacking of DPS power: when the team can't advance at all, are just stuck together in a bunch and can't capture the point. That is when I would literally switch from Moira to Pharah and have my best friend switch from Ashe to Zenyatta, lowering the healing factor a bit and raising the damage factor to kick 'em in the balls hard enough so they don't have time to fight back before we set up defenses strong enough. Don't ask me to switch from Moira to Zenyatta and ask my friend to move from Ashe to Pharah, I personally suck with Zenyatta because he's not a hero I'd get in the playstyle (unless you want to see a mindless Zenyatta charge in front of his team) it's not in my instincts to stay back while my friend has that instinct way more stronger to stand back and let me handle it.

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